Going Bare: Undressed and Unashamed


Going Bare: Undressed and Unashamed.

What Makes a Nudist?

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A comment made on a posting in G+ got me to thinking:  Why is it that some people are irresistibly drawn to nudism while the majority of folks find it to be a strange behavior at best? There are a lot of legal, religious and cultural taboos against nudity, but I think that it never even occurs to most folks to want to run around naked. They take wearing clothes for granted and aren’t discomforted by it at all.  Why is a nudist different?

I can’t speak for others, but I’ve been shedding my clothes whenever possible for as long as I can remember.  Our household was fairly casual for the times, but not outright nudist.  Whenever nobody was home, I was naked indoors or out.  I grew up thinking I was strange, of course, and it wasn’t until I was well grown that I had the nerve to try real nudism.  I was hooked immediately.

I  don’t believe that most folks are like that.  The feeling of wanting to be nude is a peculiar desire separate from the sexual aspects of nudity but deeply ingrained, a mental deviation as it were.  Not a bad deviation, but something different from the norm.  Like those with a deep need to fly, or race cars or climb mountains.  I really don’t think that most people want to be nude or climb mountains but suppress the desire out of other concerns.  They just don’t feel it.  I think most do find nudism agreeable when they discover it, but not as a vital, necessary part of their life which leaves a void when not present.

That, I believe, defines the true nudist from those who simply partake of nudity in the course of doing other things which they like.  Skinny-dipping is enjoyable when nude, but most folks happily put their clothes back on afterwards, thinking nothing of it.  Naked bike ride folks are not nudists simply because the use nudism to make a point, nor are those espousing top-freedom as a right.  They may be naked, but they are so for a reason rather than being nude because they want to be nude.

To me, it’s that deep desire to be nude that makes for a nudist.  The social aspects are secondary, as are all the pleasing sensations that come from experiencing life nude.  Those things are the treats discovered after  one has finally been able to fulfill  the desire that was always there; the desire to be nude and find out what life is like that way.

Well now, here’s a real-time comment that follows upon what was just written.  As I wrote those words… how do I say this?  Ok, I’ve been sitting here in Wisconsin on a cold, rainy winter day in a chilly house wearing long-johns and fluffy slippers writing about the desire to be nude.  We can’t afford to keep the house warm, so for a couple of months now it’s been pretty much clothing-necessary around here most of the time.  But as I was writing about nudism I thought, ‘What the hell!’ and just shed my long-johns!

So yeah, it’s chilly but oh, how good it feels!  Yeah, there’s coldness on my skin, but I can feel it and it feels like life!TThis is a couple years old and I was still bloated from surgery! Honest!

Do you have this feeling of a need to be nude?  Something that comes up often when you think, “I wish I could be naked now!” perhaps while at the market or a fair?  Or walking the dog or even at work?

There are few thing that I would not prefer to be nude while doing; I would be naked always if it was possible.  Is that extreme or is that how it feels to you, too?  Is that what being a nudist means to you?  A desire to be nude that is ‘always on top’ of your mind?  What do you think?  I don’t believe there are any wrong answers, just different viewpoints.  What’s yours?

Right now I’m thinking that being nude in a chilly house is great, but it might just be time for a nice hot shower!

Fulltime Nudist Comes Out of the Closet! On TV!

Our friend and fellow naturist website author of Fulltime Nudist has recently been interviewed by a local television news show.  Visit the website to view the video!

  Coming Out of the Closet

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Cathryn Takes it Off at Hippie Hollow

  Here’s a funny, warm first-time story about a young woman’s visit to Hippie Hollow, a 190 acre clothing optional park in Texas.  Follow along with her as she has her first experiences with wrinkled naked old people and frisky college kids!

If you’ve ever thought about trying social nudity but were shy, this may set your mind at ease a bit.  Go ahead, give it a try!

The Cat’s Meow: A Very Naked Holiday!

Hippie Hollow Clothing Optional Park

So, Your Lady Is Shy?

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You’re not alone!  For some reason, it’s usually the guys who get this goofy idea that they want to go run around naked with a bunch of total strangers.  It could be for a lot of reasons, not the least of which might be the idea of seeing a lot of naked women!  No, that’s not entirely fair.  There are other reasons, deeper than that.

Men tend to be more adventurous by nature; something in the genes, no doubt.  Always looking for something different, another hill to cross, a conquest to make.  We also have more opportunity growing up to explore our own bodies (things aren’t hidden, they stick out) and are exposed (no pun intended) to other guys’ bodies in gym class showers and such.  The ladies often get more private facilities in those circumstances.  So we’re more used to seeing naked people, even if it’s just guys.

Women learn that their bodies are ‘sacred’ and not ot be displayed (except for sexual purposes), plus are much more body-concious than men.  We mostly just worry about the size of, well, let’s say our ‘egos’.   Women’s figures define who they are both to themselves and others, and a less than perfect shape can be viewed as a thing of shame.  We hide shameful things, don’t we?

In any event, for whatever reason it’s the guys who decide to try nudism far more often the women, then are stuck with the prospect of convincing her to try it.  What’s she going to think?  Will she think I’m a pervert (probably!)?  Will she run away screaming (maybe)?  She’s religious and there’s no way she’s going to go for this!

Well relax, things aren’t as bad as it seems.  Ok, don’t relax just yet.  You’ve got some homework to do.  We’ve posted a number of articles relating to first-time issues, and there are lots of other sources available.  I’m going to list a few of them here and it’s your job to go to and read every single one.  Yep, every one.  Do I care how long it takes you?  If you really want to pull off this feat, you’re going to need all the ammunition you can get.  By the time you’re done you will be an authority on the subject and can figure out just what approach will work best in your situation.  Promise.  Would I lie?  I got Angie naked, didn’t I?  And onto the internet too!  Talk about a change of attitude!

And I did it before we discovered all this other good suff!

Here they are, go for it and may the Sun Gods smile upon your efforts!  ( save the links to the ones you’ll want to share with her, or just send her here when its time!)

Posts from our files:

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First Time       Items of general interest to beginners, some repeats

Other good sources:

Cheri’s First Time       by the Remarkable Cheri Alexander – Queen of Nudists, Voice From On High

West Penn Naturists       a woman’s first time

AANR – First Time stories   submitted by readers

For the religious, there are a few Christian nudist groups listed in our ‘groups’ category on the right-hand sidebar.  Could be very useful.

A Nudist’s Essay

Angie needed to write a short piece for a writing class she’s taking.  Well, they say you should write about something you know, right?  So she did, much to the amusement of her Prof!  Here it is:

Nothing But a Smile 

   Imagine hiking or biking through a cool, quiet forest in a beautiful state park and emerging in a clearing on the banks of a sandy beach. The river ripples past and around a myriad of ever-changing sand bars and massages your toes as you first test the cool waters. The gentle current soothes and eases the tensions of the day and the warmth of the sun bakes out every last bit of angst you may be experiencing.

Now imagine doing all of this naked. That’s right; buck necked, starkers, the full Monte. Don’t be afraid; it’s not a sin to gad about in the buff. It may be illegal in some places so it’s best to gad in a clothing optional venue. It is so liberating to feel the sun and water touch your virgin skin. You wouldn’t shower with your clothes on so why do we bathe in rivers, lakes and oceans with suits on? Even the word ‘suit’ evokes a staid comment about where our heads are at. We wear suits to the office and the beach. Some will wear tiny pieces of cloth that barely (pun intended) cover doohickeys and thingamajigs but would never clip the string off of that thong or mini bra.

So, what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this? I love it. I am a post-menopausal, lumpy, chunky, hairy individual who has never felt less self-conscious about going to a beach in my life. No one stares or chuckles or murmurs asides to friends as you disrobe. You have no idea what walk of life these people come from because our bodies are the great equalizers but should someone become ill at the beach they will usually be attended to by doctors, nurses, vets, congressmen, lawyers, factory and office workers, and possibly a senator.

Those who feel the need to stay covered are called ‘textiles’ by the naturist community and do come under suspicion as to why they are at a naked beach, but all are welcome. Some need a little gentle coaxing but once the deed is done and the suit is off they never look back. Your first time may be harrowing but one you will never forget once you get over that first hurdle.

  Most of these beaches are self-regulated and this seems to work quite well. Cameras are not allowed and have been known to ‘go for a swim’ if reminders are ignored. Anyone who thinks it must be a great place to become more than amorous are warned or nicely escorted out. The beaches are clean and well cared for because they are few and far between and those of us who use them want to keep them that way.

  So, go for it sometime. It’s like jumping from an airplane the first time; scary but life-changing.

Ladies Only

Guys, go away.  This is for the gals.  It’ll bore you.

32A-breasts   Ok girls, now that they’re gone, let’s get down to business.  We’re talking breasts here.  Boobs, tits, racks, knockers.

  Guys worry about their ‘size’, right?  And women always tell them that it doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts!  Ok…

  Women, on the other hand, are never concerned about breast size, never ever.  Sure.  Anyway, the following website is all about breasts and the women that own them.  Nothing sexy, just boobs and their owners.  All sizes and shapes, the idea is to help you feel comfortable about what you have and see how others deal with theirs.

And for you guys that didn’t get the hint and leave, if you go to the site, please take the time to read what the women say about how they feel about themselves and their breasts.  You might learn something.

Normal Breasts Gallery 

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Cheri’s First Time

 Cheri has been a long-time advocate and tireless promoter of the nudist/naturist lifestyle.  This is her account of her first experience being socially nude.

It’s not pImage of tlites001001.gifarticularly unusual, but it is her personal version of what a lot of women, and men, go through to find something they always wanted but maybe didn’t really know.

Enjoy the story, and the Travelites website.

First Time?

barrel-guy1First thing:  Google search  nude beaches or something.   Did you do that?  OK, got the picture?  That does NOT have anything  to do with nudism/naturism.  Save that for your porn files.  That crap is what most people perceive social nudity to be all about.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most websites purporting to be ‘nudist’ aren’t much better.

Try Badger Naturists  or Friends of Mazo Beach for a couple of reality checks.  And browse our All Nudist site,  that’s what we’re here for.  The sites listed in our blogroll are pretty good too.  Sometimes there’s a fine line to draw…  OK,  some cross the line but still have something to offer.

If you’re new to the experience you will discover a few interesting things that you would have never believed in your prior life.

Clothing exists for three purposes.  Protection from weather extremes, to enhance appearance, or to establish social status and/or disguise a body which is socially ‘unacceptable’.  One is valid, one can be fun, the last is the reason nudity is frowned upon.  Naked people have nothing to hide.  The idea that nudity causes sex is silly.  A woman in a bikini is sexier than a socially naked woman.  And guys, women are far more likely to be interested in your butt in jeans or the cut of your hair above your neck than than your dangling, ah, dangle.  Honest.

Nude is not about sex.  Naked is not about sex.  Social nudism is not about sex.  Nudism/Naturism is not about sex.

Are we clear on that now?  Good, let’s proceed.

For one thing, it’s not a stare-fest seeing all those naked bodies.  Yeah, it’s a bit of a shock at first, nude people everywhere and, oh-my-god, you’re one of them!  Let’s face it, we’re just not used to that sort of thing.  It’s kind of a jolt to the senses.  Don’t worry, you’ll get over it.  Usually takes about 15 minutes.  After that, you’ll wonder what the fuss is all about and gee, how come I have to wear clothes all the time?

Hard-ons rarely happen, haven’t seen one for years.  If it does just toss a towel over it.

You’ll find all sorts of body sizes and shapes, different endowments in various areas, and nobody cares.  Pretty people are still pretty, people who don’t fit society’s ideal of pretty are just as comfortable.  Nudists tend to judge by personality, not by outward appearances.  You will find acceptance like you have never known.  Have a problem with body image (who doesn’t?), you will lose it.

You’ll also find out what your third grade teacher looks like without her clothes on (c’mon, you always wondered, didn’t you?) and, shudder, what your grandparents look like.  And you know what?  It’s ok.

All women have cellulite.  Don’t worry about it.  Most guys think their parts aren’t, ah, impressive enough.  Don’t worry about it.  Women think their parts are 1: Too big, 2: Too small, or 3: Sag.  Don’t worry about it.  Medical scars, yeah, don’t worry about it.

Get the picture yet?  Nobody cares.  We run around nekked because it feels good, and natural.  Social nudity gives us the opportunity to enjoy this in the presence of others who respect that desire and share it.  It’s that simple.  Really.  Just do it.  If you find that it isn’t your thing, nothing lost and a life experience gained.  Great cocktail party topic!

Worried about rampant sex and come-ons?  Not gonna happen in most situations.  Clubs and resorts have strict rules about behavior,  Mazo Beach (and others) have unofficial rules which it is wise to not ignore.

All that said, social nudism is really a simple thing once you’ve tried it.  You will find that you cannot look at the world and society the same way again.  People create so many problems because they’re afraid of something as simple as not wearing clothes when clothes aren’t needed.  Go figure.  So try it, you’ll like it!

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