A Summer Reminiscence for a Winter Day

It was a perfect summer day at Mazo Beach.  Warm and sunny, a few fluffy clouds decorating a flawless blue sky, the Wisconsin River sparkling on it’s way to join the Mississippi, then on to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. HPIM0023 PT thumb hi Qsharp

A full complement of beachgoers were frolicking in the water, sunning, playing volleyball.  You know, all the things that happy naked people do when they’re happily naked!

Along came a half dozen or so fully clothed men and women who set up lawn chairs in a row and sat down.  And stayed that way.  Hmmm.

Well, nudity isn’t required at the beach but is certainly the norm, and gawkers are definitely not welcome, but they didn’t seem to be gawking.  Just sitting there fully clothed on a beach.  Hmmm again.

Quite some time later, as we were leaving, we stopped and said howdy to them.  Told them (nicely) that we were curious as to why they’d be sitting on a beach on a beautiful day dressed from head to toe.  I mean, it’s a mile walk from the parking lot and there are a lot of handier beaches.

Finally one of them sheepishly said they were waiting for someone to go first!  After a moment or so he said, “I guess I will.”  And did.

The rest promptly jumped up and began following suit and as we left them they were busily shedding a lifetime of inhibitions and misconceptions.

We can hope and assume that they proceeded to have one of the best afternoons of their lives.  Certainly the most memorable!

Welcome to the Family, folks!

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