About Shaving

Hair.  It’s all over the place on us and there is considerable debate as to just why this hair is here or there.  We’re gonna skip that issue.  We’ll just talk about what people do about it.

One of the neat things about being nudist is that we get to see a lot of variety of hairstyles, and not just on the head!  Let’s focus here, we’re talking about genital hair, ok?

There’s two styles: Skinnys and Sculptured.  Let’s do Skinnys first.

Now, there’s skinnys and smoothies.  That is genital shaving or complete body shaving, every bit of hair.  Are these people weird or what?  Well, yes and no.  Are we weird for being nudist?  Let’s face it, in a lot of people’s eyes we are.  Anyone who strays from the ‘norm’ is.  Is that bad?  Not necessarily.  Society has rules that are intended to make survival possible and someone who threatens the status quo is themselves a threat.  That would be us.

Is shaving your armpits a threat to anyone?  How about chest or back?  Legs? Arms?  Genitals?  Don’t think so.  But why would they do that?  Well, first off, wangie-jpeghy do you care?  It’s none of your business.  Why do you drive a red car?  Because you like it, and that’s plenty of good reason.

Why do they do it?  Because they like to.  Being nude feels good, really good.  Some folks feel ‘nuder’ without hair.  Things just feel different. 

Then there’s the sculptured look.  Some people (women especially) have easily managed growth that can be trimmed into interesting shapes.  That’s cool.  Just a little line here, a heart-shaped trim, maybe a little V, nice.  Why not?  We trim eyebrows and mustaches what’s the dif?  Vanity?  Sure.  So what?  It’s just for fun.

On a personal note:  Sometime into the nudist life I decided to try the genital shaving thing.  Oh man, the first time you take a razor to that region is a bit scary!  But I survived pretty much intact, and plastic surgery can do wonders nowadays.

I asked the woman (we’ve been friends for years) who cuts my hair if she does genital waxing.  She still cutssteve-on-deck-cropped-1 my hair but chose not to go there.  Some people have no sense of humor…

Suggestion to first-timers:  Do it several days before public (pubic) exposure to allow the wounds to heal and to get the knack of it!  Now it’s kind of a fun way to finish off a shower and, yes, it does feel ‘nuder’.

And dare I say, ah, not sure if I should, really don’t want to offend.  Ah, well, ok.  I will.  If you’re under 18 stop reading.  Ok?  Ready?  Nah, I won’t.  Angie thinks it inappropriate.  So just use your imagination as to what other benefits may exist.

Good thing is, if you try it and don’t like it, it grows back.  Bad thing is, itchy and scratchy for a while but not all that bad.

And if you’re wondering, it’s so common now that it won’t even raise an eyebrow anymore.

-S       (Angie may give her views later)

3 Responses

  1. Yea, I’ve been shaving for several years. I started with just the sides and the scrot. Then went to just a patch above the shaft. To make it all uniform I shaved my stomach to my chest. I then trimmed all the body hair. It feels great in the hot weather. Wish I would have done it long ago.


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