Whoa, head for the hills!  Hell’s Angels are coming!  tattoo-1

Not really, it’s just some guy (or gal) with tattoos.  Actually, maybe just one little butterfly on her butt.  Or a ‘Mom’ on his arm.  Or, an entire body covered with ink.  Oh my goodness.

What’s this all about?  It’s called body art, or tattoo.  For as long as people have been here and someone figured out that by poking holes and rubbing in a stain, a permanent design could be added to an otherwise empty slate.  Popularity varies from time to time, and culture, but’s always been around.  Why is it so scary?

It’s different.  Like nudists are different.  In our society we have learned to perceive it as relating to criminals or lowlifes.  Maybe sailors, but they’re excused, right?  Hey, I was a sailor and always kinda regretted never having gotten drunk with my buddies and waking up with an anchor or mermaid on my arm in the morning.  Sort of felt like I missed part of the sailor experience thing…

Like most of us I’d seen plenty of tattooed people in my life and held a rather reserved opinion of ‘those kind of people’, especially the ones with a lot of tattoos.  I mean, there must be something wrong with them, right?  I have to admit that I held a similar view of, well, nudists and other ‘weirdos’.

kitty tattoo Well gee whiz and my-oh-my, it is possible for an old dog to learn new tricks.  I’ve always considered myself to be an observant person, though incredibly naive (this self-knowledge has never done me a lick of good!), but my entry into the world of social nudism years ago opened my eyes to a lot of things.  We’ll get into some of those at another time, we’ll stick to tattoos right now.

Why do people tattoo?  Why do people wear a Packers T-shirt?  It’s a means of personal expression, of being ‘out of the herd’, or a symbol of being part of a particular ‘herd’.  Maybe they just think it makes them look nice.  Do this: The next time you run into a tattooed nudist, just ask.  Most folks like to talk about their tattoos and appreciate the attention.  Have you ever looked really closely at a tattoo?  I mean, really closely?  Don’t you wonder what the skin feels like?  Mostly we try not to stare at people but if you’re polite most tattooies (I just made up that word) love to talk about them. And it really is art.

I know a man who’s entire body is tattooed from neckline to ankles.  He’s a very nice guy and doesn’t even own a motorcycle.  Funny thing is, other than his wife, no one in his family knows that he has a single tattoo (or is a nudist).  Isn’t that a shame?  Just like it’s a shame that many of us have to hide the fact that we’re nudists.

Can we get some empathy here?  The point is, judge not, lest ye be judged.

382264_500What do you think of these pictures?  Are they art or desecration?  And is it any of our business?

I guess it’s just all in the eye of the beholder, huh?  I know that I haven’t yet quite decided.  But it is fascinating…

I’d give credit to the photographer if I knew who it was.  Sorry.       -S

11 Responses

  1. Absolutely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! And art is very subjective.

    But in my opinion, these pictures are gorgeous – and they are art! I love tattoos. I don’t have one myself (yet), but my daughter got one when she was 16. If i had the money, i would get one too.

    You’ve ‘gotta’ appreciate the commitment of a tattoo! It’s with you for life! Pick a design that you may regret when you’re older and . . . well, you may regret it when you’re old! 😛 I guess you could pay to have it removed, but i hear it’s incredibly expensive. Altering it might be a better way to go, if possible.

    Anyway, in my case, i would want to have a classic “Sailor Jerry” tattoo. A half-naked Hawaiian girl. Will i regret it? Maybe. But then again, i’m already 50 so . . . i’m already old. 😉

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  3. beautiful I love tattoos my wife and i both have them


  4. I’ve got some small ones, Angie doesn’t but likes mine!


  5. I think the first person is a woman, and they have henna tattoos, same with the last women.


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  9. I personally don’t care for tattoos on me or anyone else. Never have. But that’s just me.

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  10. I’m kinda mixed on this. I got a small one on a shoulder years ago, then another to commemorate an anniversary later (she left me a month later!). I can understand the appeal, but it’s not an obsession at all.

    Search ‘Tattoos’ on All-Nudist for a fun article about the topic! There’s another on ‘Piercings’ too!


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