I know a guy with so much metal poked through and hanging from his genitals that if he got into deep water he’d sink straight to the bottom and drown.

How’s that for an opening sentence?  Got your attention, I bet.  But it’s true.  There are names for various genital piercings and he’s got ’em all, plus a couple he invented.  I mean, this guy would set off the metal detectors at La Guardia while checking in at O’Hare.  Mining companies are competing for the mineral rights to his testicles.  U.S. Steel is considering re-opening if they can get their hands on him.  Treasury agents guard him night and day for fear of losing this country’s largest single deposit of silver.  The Home Shopping Network wants to sell him off a piece at a time, plus shipping and handling, of course.  If you call within the next ten minutes you get a free gift box.

And he’s a nice, ordinary guy.  Wow.  How can anyone so strange be so normal?  Like, how can a grade school teacher or your doctor go the beach on weekends and get naked in public?  Can it be that some folks are perfectly OK but just dance to the beat of a different drum?  Like (shudder!) nudists?   lip

Yeah, yeah you say, here he goes again on a rant about tolerance.  Yep, you got it.  Along the way I’ve run into a bunch of different sorts and have learned that they are pretty much like anyone else.  Most are just ordinary folks with a little different bent, some are truly wacko.  Just like society in general.

Piercings.  Hmm.  It’s been ok for a long time for women to wear earrings (not considered self-mutilation) and more recently, men.  Started with gays but has spread.  I got one during middle-age crazies and still have it.  Did you read the blog about tattoos?  Similar thing.  As a sailor I always thought it’d be cool to have a pirate earring.  Finally got up the nerve in those who-gives-a-damn days.  About the same time I got my two little tattoos.  Man, I’m sooo cool now.  Yeah, right.

Always wanted a ’65 Jaguar too, haven’t seen that come my way yet.

Back to topic.  Whaddaya think about all that stuff that people stick through their noses, eyebrows, tongues?  Not to mention nipples and those areas previously left to bathroom and bedroom exposure?  Kinda strange, huh?

Yeah, about as strange as running around naked with a bunch of other folks.  Ya ya, preaching again but it’s the same story.  Different folks, different strokes.

Piercingers (aren’t I good at inventing words?) like it and it harms no one.  Piercings attract attention (particularly to certain areas), and are definitely a sexual turn-on to those so inclined, so may be considered improper for a pure nudist/naturist environment.  But must we abandon our sexuality when facein a non-sexual environment?  Can these two aspects of ourselves co-exist in a non-sexual environment?  I believe they can, and have seen it.  But this is a tough issue and not easily dismissed.

Society in general sees naturists as hedonists.  This is, of course, not true.  We are, though, totally human and subject to human emotions, feelings, desires and attractions.  I think that for us to perceive someone with, oh, say, a nipple ring as being overtly sexual would be like considering a woman with lipstick as someone who is offering herself for sex with anyone.  That’s just not right.  I think (yeah, I,I,I! Well hey, it’s our blog!) we just need to calm down and back off.

Piercings and tattoos have not been allowed at lot of nudist venues until recently, but their popularity has made them more commonplace and are now generally accepted, at least to a degree.  Change takes time.

I thought I was being daring when I got an ear pierced.  Both my sons now have nipple rings, my daughter in law has, well, we won’t say, and my daughter a belly button ring.  New generation, things change.  Attitudes change.  Time was, an exposed ankle was enough to incite riot.  Relax.

Some things have gotten quite extreme.  Yeah, those are piercings on backthat young lady, connected by ribbon, etc.  It’s actually quite beautiful, if not really the thing for the mainstream.  Different strokes, again.

Hillary and Barrack were debating the other day and, while having differences, they got one thing right.  We mustn’t fight among ourselves, we need to join together and protect our way of living.  Sure, we have differences, but we’re different.  Let’s not lose sight of that fact.

If you see an ugly nude person, do you say “Go away, you offend me!”?  If you see a beautiful nude person do you say “Go away, you make me feel ugly!”?  Of course not.

If you see a pierced person, what do you say?  Nothing.  Or maybe, say “Wow, that’s really something!  Tell me about it, what’s it like? How does it feel?  Why do you do it?”.  Try it, they’ll love it if you hoestly are interested.  Or say nothing!

You might, heck, you will be surprised to find to find a real human being behind your perceptions and, maybe, you’ll make a friend.  Piercing is a form of personal expression, regardless of how others might feel about it.  Nudity is also a form of personal expression.

I’m not condoning nor endorsing, just asking for tolerance.  I don’t get a lot of stuff that’s going on out there but if it doesn’t hurt me, I can’t condemn it.  After all, I like peanut butter and Cheeze Whiz on burnt toast.  How’s that for weird!      -S

PS.   Most pics on this website are used as links to their site of origin, not as an unlawful infringement of copyright.  Be aware that some websites can be very graphic and may link to other objectionable sites.  You probably knew that already but, hey, well, you know…

Hope I’ve helped clear some things up here.  It’s a confusing world out there.

4 Responses

  1. Wonderful article! As nudists we need to be respectful of all the differences we have between us – age, race, gender, height, weight, hisuteness, tattoos, piercings. I like to think that we would all band together because our common joy of body-freedom is so endangered. Shouldn’t we enjoy our differences? I don’t want everyone to be like me, and certainly don’t want to pass judgement on someone because the journey someone has taken with their life is not like my own!

    Admin reply: For a bit more of the subject of labeling and elitism read: Alphetical Nudist


  2. I cannot tell you how much I agree with this. To many, a tattoo or a piercing is just an adornment, the same as a bracelet or new hat. Also, until we realize that a penis or a breast is no different than an elbow or an ear can we as nudists fully say that we enjoy non-sexual nudity (naked man or woman of, pierced breast or penis is sexual); if I as a nudist say that pierced ears are ok but a pierced nipple is not then it’s the same as a non-nudist telling us that there are areas of the body that should remain clohted.

    Thanks so much for this!


    Admin: You’ve hit the nail, Kev. A lot of nudists and venues have major problems with piercings, especially in some areas of the body. Even moreso if kids are around. It seems that if we are saying that these parts are no more sexual than an earlobe under nudist social circumstances, then they shouldn’t be considered so just because they’re pierced.

    I think that we’re just so sensitive to the appearance of sexuality, and piercings are so new to the general public, that perceptions need time to changs. It’s true that they attract attention to those parts, and we associate those parts with sex, but if we are to be true to our stated beliefs we simply must learn to seperate the two.

    Most venues wouldn’t ban lipstick, nail polish, or earrings but those too are designed to attract and enhance appearance. The main difference is that we’re used to them. Some venues do ban them, as is their right. But I think attitudes need to evolve with social changes if we are to remain viable as an option to those who wish to socialize in the nude.

    What about the kids? They’re used to seeing piercings. We tell them that nudity is good and normal. If piercings are also now ‘normal’, then why should it matter where they are? Give the kids some credit, and explain if they ask. It’s jewelry. No big deal.


  3. Hi
    I totally agree with above. I have piercings; nipples and belly button and, well, more (they are are lower body) but I wouldn’t care if somebody had a load of facial piercings, even though that’s not my thing. Surely this is about being naked and having fun, being yourself, and contributing to the cause of naturism, which is probably one of the best things I have ever taken on in my life! And the most de-stressing. I would recommend it to anybody, apart from the double standards from some organisations!


  4. I am one of those nudist who has heavily pierced genitals. Sadly I have received negative treatment because of it. I never had a roblem at Haulover because of them or my local group in the florida panhandle now. The crowds at the two are so mixed that nobody really even bats an eye. Although I do get the occasional questions. There was a resort in central florida though that told me over the hone that in no way shape or form would I be allowed to enter. I had wanted to visit when I was in the are and saw their no excessive piercing policy. I phoned ahead to see if they had relaxed a bit and they hadn’t. All i can say is even if they change their policy I will never give them any business. I was a nudist long before I could even legally get pierced. I really do enjoy piercings though and will never get rid of them. I have enough down below that the dollar value on the high grade surgical stainless is surely in the thousands. I like how it looks though and most others tend to agree that its very tastefully done and has artistic value. What a lot of people fail to realize is that it is an art form and that very specially trained artists do it. And as a side note, I have never gained any sexual pleasure from my piercings, as a matter of fact many times certain ones have caused nothing but pain and have since been removed. It has always been my personal belief that the underlying, deepest, most fundemental principle of nudism is acceptance of everyone no matter what, not only if you meet their standards.


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