What if…

  What if there was a beach used exclusively by blind nudists?

Q: How can you recognize a blind man at a nudist beach?

  A: It’s not hard…

Ok, bad joke.  But what if?  If no one could see one another, who could find fault?

In the minds of many, it’s not the fact of nudity that is so shameful, it’s being seen naked that is bad.  It’s the sight of the body that God gave us that leads to sin and debauchery.

So, what if everyone’s blind?  Would that be OK?

I mean, if seeing the ‘naughty’ parts leads people astray, then notseeing them should be pretty safe, it seems.

Nude Beach for the Blind - No Cameras Allowed

I’ll have to run that one past Rev. Ralph if I ever run into him.  Nah, he’d just say that even feeling good is evil.  I saw a bumper sticker  that said: “I like your Christ.  I don’t like your Christians.  They are so not like your Christ”.  The wackos have given good people a bad name.  That’s wrong.

This guy is the epitome of that idea.  Pure hatred.  Sad that good folks should have to be associated with this disgusting vermin.  He and his kind find evil everywhere they look, and God knows they spent enough time hanging around  Mazo Beach, Wisconsin’s finest.

“Mazo Beach has become a magnet for the sexually perverted from all around the nation, and even the world”          -Rev. Ralph  (apparently referring to himself and his flock)

  And that’s the gist of it, isn’t it?  We just have too darn much fun running around nekked and they can’t stand it.  There must be something sinful behind it because they know that if they tried it they’d instantly be turned into lustful fornicators and have to roast in Hell forever.

OK, that’s not fair.  Most people just think we’re weird, maybe a bit twisted, and they have no interest to try.  That’s all right, I feel the same way about Republicans.

Wandered off into a bit of a rant, huh?

It’s hard to imagine a sightless person’s perspective on this.  I mean, for them porn is sound and not image, skin color doesn’t exist but voice does.  Nudity would be a totally sensory experience, probably more so than for the sighted.  Yet I have yet to meet a blind nudist.

Just some food for thought.     -S

Update:  Sometimes things just fall into you lap!   Blind Nudist Pens Book…
And a forum discussion with the usual ignorant remarks, one of which is especially touching:
 “The nudists are shameless anyway. They would eat one anothers turds and not give it a second thought. Those people are pretty fudged in the head to be nudists in the first place. I imagine the blind man would smell the perversion in the air and be the first to blush.”

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