Let Freedom Ring!

Thank God for the alert action by Wisconsin’s Finest in protecting us from ourselves!  Risking life and limb (not to mention risking looking like total fools) the cops nabbed a dangerous criminal right in the act.

Totally sober, on a bet with his Dad, a teenage boy criminal ran across the lake behind their house, get ready for this, sit down, TOTALLY NAKED!!!

Can you believe it?  Right here in Amerika!  I’m shocked!  What is this country coming to?  Where is the death penalty when you need it?

The next thing you know, women will be exposing their ankles at the beach!  This must be stopped right here and right now!

What this country needs is more sex and violence on TV, more wars, higher taxes on working people, and less health care for those sick people who are cluttering up our hospitals and clinics!  Certainly not naked boys on deserted lakes in a desWisconsin State Sealolate area of Wisconsin!

Let’s get our priorities straight and smash these disgusting folks that think there’s nothing wrong with a little harmless nudity!  That’s where I want to see my law enforcement dollars going!

For the full, ugly article, click here:   TMJ4 News                 -Steve

3 Responses

  1. Why is it only humans can be naked all others are just natural?


  2. Because Adam and Eve ate that damn apple, silly! Only humans eat apples. And elephants, but they have the decency to wear tu-tu’s, at least in Disney flicks.

    Oh yeah, and monkies, but they wear pantaloons, vest, and fez in public working with organ grinders!

    And worms. They try to dress up but their clothes just keep slipping off… That’s why they hide all the time.


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