Musing: Boys & Girls, School Showers

All Nudist has MOVED to !  

No, I’m not advocating co-ed showers, so relax (just lost  a bunch of Google porn search first-timers here.  Off to muddier pastures, guys!).

This is kind of brain twister that has long intrigued me.  Let’s have some fun.

OK, boys and girls shower separately because they might be sexually stimulated by seeing each other nude, right?  So, what if there’s a gay guy in the boy’s shower, shouldn’t he be excluded for that reason?   Same goes for a lesbian in the girl’s shower, right?

So we put the gay guy in with the girls so he isn’t attracted to them but, the girls might enjoy looking at him.  Right again?  Same with the lesbian in the boy’s shower.  Hmm.  Can’t do that.

Now, we can’t put the gay guys together, nor the lesbians, that would NOT be a good idea.  What to do with them?

Maybe we could pair up a gay guy with a lesbian and shower them together?  Nah, that would show discrimination.   Not to mention, there’s only so many showers and too many kids.  Plus, how do we know who’s gay or lesbian without asking?  Can’t do that either.  Even if we could, what red-blooded American boy wouldn’t say he’s gay if it means getting to shower with naked girls?

Blindfolds.  If they can’t see each other, they can’t get turned on ( see What If ), right?  Uh-oh, do I see a group grope-fest happening here?  Bad idea.   Darn!

What’s left, single showers?  That would take up too much space and time.  No showers?  Stinky.

And let’s not forget Bi-folks.  They can’t be with anybody!

Got it!  What if we raise our kids to recognize that the human body isn’t just a sexual tool, that there’s a right time and place for everything, make it clear that the school shower is NOT the time, and that adolescent males always have a hard-on so just ignore it.

Wait a minute, did I just advocate for co-ed showers?

Actually, no.  I just advocated for a natural upbringing and lifestyle for everyone,  where these values would be understood from the earliest years and be no big thing by the time school showers showed up.  It’s called nudism/naturism.  Easily said, afraid it won’t happen in my lifetime.

So we’re left with a situation where only gays and lesbians can enjoy school showers, and they probably don’t because everyone is scared of them ( it’s contagious, you know! ).

Well, not much else to say except that it was a lot easier when I was in school.  Only locker room worries were terror at being seen naked, the hard-on thing, wet towel slaps, and Right Guard sprayed in the crotch.  Ah, for the Olden  Days…        – Steve

Admin: Update: 10-20-10   Recent events in the news about the rise in gay-bashing in schools has brought this issue from the realm of simple humor into reality.  We’ve seen kids on the news expressing their concerns about sharing facilities with gays, ‘that’s so gay’ is a common phrase, attacks upon and suicides by gay kids are being reported more often, and there’s an attitude that gays are trying to take over. 

 What’s happening here?  Hadn’t we begun to accept the idea that it wasn’t the end of the world if someone is gay?  Gay humor, gay movies, gay pride, equality, wasn’t that the direction we were going?  Weren’t the old days of fear and hatred a thing of the past, except for fundamentalists and rednecks?

Or has it been this way all along and we were just fooling ourselves?  A nation full of make-believers pretending tolerance while harboring hatred inside, waiting for the right time to bring it out again.  And has this volatile political war being waged anything to do with it?  Could the rise of a vocal conservative group which makes no bones about being Christian oriented and seeking old-fashioned ‘values’ be part of the problem?

It seems like everyone who has ever felt put upon by those ‘damn liberals and their socialist ideas’ is coming out of the woodwork and venting their anger.  Hate the poor, hate the fags, hate the Jews, hate the Muslims, hate ’em all and let God sort ’em out!

We have something within each of us that makes us a human being, not just a smart animal.  That ‘something’ is what gives us a sense of beauty, poetry, art, creativity , and love.  There’s also a part of us that is purely of animal origin, from it we receive the gifts of fear, anger, violence, hate, and greed.  These factions are constantly at odds and are the stuff of myths, legends, and religion, by other names.  

We have a choice.  We can allow our baser nature to rule our lives, which is easy to do considering our history, or we can assert our human nature to overcome those basic instincts which are no longer necessary to our success as a society.   We can base our society, and lives, on that ‘something’ which makes us human and gives our world all that is good, or we can wallow in the mud with those creatures to whom we feel so superior: animals.    

7 Responses

  1. That was hilarious!


  2. “Non-exploitive” pics…of girls pushing out their butts? lol. — Hey, you tried! That’s how the world tends to view nudity & its hard to get past it for a proper mind-frame!

    I really enjoyed your article…until you added the political elements. I think the incitement goes both directions, actually, as Christian-hating, God-hating & conservative-bashing seems to be in open season, too. I find it appalling that many blacks can’t see past hatred to feel okay about voting for a conservative candidate they might agree with – even a black or minority one such as Mr. Cain, etc. – simply basing their voting on their political ideals, values, etc.

    Aside from that, I also know that there are conservatives – even Christians & “rednecks” – who enjoy nudism / naturism these days. It takes a lot of guts for a Christian to stand up to their own inground ideals & say, “You know what? Nudity & sex are NOT the same thing, and wanting my kids to not be terrified of taking showers after PE or sports is a kindness, ot an wicked thing!” With that said, there are indeed Christian, conservative & redneck parents who advocate innocent skinnydipping / naturism, etc. for the sake of their children — with close supervision of course!

    Personally,…I was molested by a respected man of the community I grew up in while at his home, in his swimming pool, wearing swimtrunks as a youth. Morality is a matter of the heart. If I had not been so shocked that I could hardly do anything about it at the time,…I might have had the wits & presence of mind to address the situation more wisely, back then.

    Still,…that has become a reason for my interest in nudism / naturism over the years — to regain my innocent disposition….and to search out whether it may be good for when I possibly have kids myself. I believe, in the light of our “modern, ‘civilized’ society (lol),…that it would surely benefit families & children & would very much like to ensure my own kids the benefit of it — with proper supervisio of course.

    Admin: “Pushing out their butts”? They are simply standing in a shower. The hard part was finding a pic where they weren’t fondling each other!

    Without getting much deeper into politics or race, when I refer to Christian fundamentalists I am referring to just that. They are the loud ones that cause trouble for people who don’t follow their brand of superstitution. Christians in general are a fairly conservative lot in many ways, but at least have some degree of tolerance for others.

    “Christian hating’, as you refer to it, is legitimate discourse about a group of superstitious people who have been pushing their various versions of their gods and their agendas on everyone for as long as there have been Christians. It has only been recently that thinking people have been able to express their views publicly without fear of retaliation. “God” has nothing to fear from them; only those of little faith who might learn to use reason rather than campfire tales of nomads thousands of years ago to base their lives on .

    It is interesting to note that there is presently a movement among liberal Christians to combine in support of the LGBT comunity by geting one million American Christians to stand up and be counted. A laudable cause, no doubt. The sad part is that they are trying to get such a paltry number of open minded folks out of a US Christian population of 160 million, little over one half of one percent. Obviously, open-mindedness is not a traditional Christian ‘value’.

    It appears that you belong to that group of conservatives that feels Blacks aren’t smart enough to vote issues and can only see color. You seem to think that they should have reasons to vote for the party that has historically, and presently, provided no such reasons. Were they to do so, they would indeed appear to be as simple-minded as you think they are. There is no adequate response to that other than you are entitled to your viewpoint, however lamentable.

    “Conservative hating/Liberal hating” is nothing more than politics on both sides of the fence; neither ‘side’ has much love for the other. Both have their own ideas as to the best way to destroy what’s left of this country, and I have no doubt that they will accomplish just that.


  3. I’ve used a similar argument many many moons ago. Didn’t get a friendly response either. LOL


  4. K, cool but, I only have one question about this artcile.

    Why did you leave a link on that pic of the guy to globalflight/freegayphotospreview and no link to any the others origin?


  5. Good question, David. Our images usually link to something.

    When pics are added to the completed text we generally link them to the source (if it’s not obscene), to a larger version of themselves if available, to a related topic or sometimes nothing, especially if we don’t have a larger image to link to. In the three and a half years since it was originally posted it’s possible that the link source has changed or been removed, the pic may have been replaced but the link left the same, or we simply screwed up when adding it. It’s just coincidence that one went somewhere and the rest didn’t.

    But it’s good to hear that at least somebody is clicking on the pics to see what’s there! It does take a little extra effort to link them properly and we’re glad that folks are actually using the links.

    There are doubtless many such errors on our site, but with nearly 600 articles posted, we’re just not gonna go through each and every one to be sure they all still work right. They’re usually checked before re-posting; forgot to check this time. Thanks for mentioning it, gotta keep us on our toes!


  6. Overall, I agree with the post completely, anyways, guess I just found an oops but hovering over pics for links as I’ve been for a while as a habit of mine now. Sadly this world will never see the human body nude as anything other than ”indecent exposure” then probly they go home and watch porn. Who knows? At least we know there are certain places with people who know the difference, experiencing life clothes and ‘attitude’ free.

    Dave from a nudist corner of Arkanasas


  7. Arkansas? Oh, my goodness. Are you even allowed to admit that you’re a nudist? ‘They’ may be monitoring nudist sites looking for people like you, so be careful. Be sure not to say anything promoting or suggesting that nudity is anything less than a sin or you could be arrested! Maybe you should end every comment with, “By the way, I HATE nudism!” just to be safe!

    No, seriously, we feel for you. That state’s political view of nudity is frightening at the least. From what we’ve heard, it’s almost impossible to even get a group together to lobby for fewer restrictions because such a group, or even a discussion about nudism, is illegal. Good luck with that!


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