About ‘Nudist’ Websites

This is probably nothing new to ‘real’ nudist/naturists.  There’s a lot of websites out there that present themselves as ‘nudist’ sites.  You’ve seen them.  A lot of them, if not most, are shallow attempts to appeal to people looking for pictures of pretty naked women, or porn, whatever.  Under the guise of ‘naturism’.

Big clue is if they’re full of pictures of beautiful nude women.

Now, if someone wants to look at pretty naked people, that’s fine with us.  It just annoys us that we all get lumped into the same categories.  Not too much to do about that, I’m afraid.

As the operators of a ‘really real’ nudist/naturist site there is always a delicate balance to tread.  Sexy stuff draws attention but is not the idea of our site.  On the other hand, sexy does have it’s place in our lifestyle, at the right time and place.  As it does in ‘textile’ life.

We try to use sexy stuff for fun, not titillation.  Tongue-in-cheek, as it were.

The naturist lifestyle encourages us to see the person, not the body.  Pretty bodies are still pretty, but just not all that important.  We think that most of us understand the difference.

This is all leading up to a sort of apology for places that you may link to here, most likely for a photo or something, that we feel we must give credit to.  The same goes for some links that, while we don’t endorse all their content, we still feel have something to offer.

Let’s put it into legalese:  We do not endorse nor condone the content of any site contacted from here, we simply have found that some content from linked sites has some worthwhile value.  As an adult, it is up to you to determine just exactly what that is.

OK, lousy legalese but you get the idea, we hope.

So please forgive us if you click on a decent pic and wind up at ‘Funsome Foursomes”  or something.  S**t happens.  We just needed the pic.

Remember, we don’t make a nickel off this site, it’s just a labor of love by a couple of blabbermouths trying to open the doors to the nudist/naturist lifestyle.  The real lifestyle, not the one most folks see on those exploitive commercial sites.

From what we’ve heard, we’re not doing too bad a job!     Angie & Steve

3 Responses

  1. where r the american web sites for social nudists-i am up late and it seems that the only sites i can contact r n australia r the uk-it is tough being a late night nudists


  2. I thought you were going to mention the websites that sell videos of children at nudist camps. Are those nudist websites? In regards to sexy websites. The photos of nudists don’t have to be sexy, just pleasant.


  3. (The same question was asked on Facebook; here’s our reply; hope it answers the question)

    Great question! You have to ask yourself why someone would want to watch those videos to decide that. Some folks like to watch nudist videos similarly to watching vacation videos; some like the feeling of belonging that it brings. There are many reasons, and not all are bad.

    Having said that, in our opinion, if those sites were sincerely interested in providing videos for that purpose, they would be free and there need not be so many. How many videos of naked children does one need to watch to be reminded of the freedom of nudity? How many pretty women does one need to see online to remember a day at the beach?

    Again in our opinion, a limited number of pictures or videos would be plenty to use to demonstrate the different aspects of a wholesome nudist/naturist environment. Anything more is excessive and exploitative.

    The bottom line is, those sites make a LOT of money selling those videos and they don’t care who they sell them to. Would you feel comfortable if it was YOUR family being sold so commercially?

    This is a touchy issue with nudists and we’ve tangled with some over it. We use nude pics on our site, some of them with kids when appropriate. What we do not have is galleries of photos and dozens of videos for sale or to watch for a ‘membership fee’. We could make a lot of money if we did, and lose all credibility in the process.

    Some ‘legitimate’ websites, even those endorsed or affiliated with national organizations cross the line, as far as we’re concerned. But that is our opinion, and nothing else. You’ll have to make up your own mind about what you feel is appropriate.

    All Nudist is primarily a place for newcomers to come and see what the mainstream nudist/naturist lifestyle is all about. As such, we tend to be somewhat stodgy at times. We’d rather err on the conservative side; the other side is far too easily found elsewhere.


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