Children and Art

 For anyone whose interested, there’s a lively discussion going on about an established, though controversial, artist’s (Bill Hensen) photographs of young people, nude.  Seems that there is a disagreement about the old ‘art’ vs. ‘porn’ thing.

 Some folks see nude children as porn objects, no matter what the presentation (we’ve all heard about parents being arrested for having their babies’ ‘bearskin rug’ pics developed).  Personally, I see these people as having some problems of their own…  When I see a nude kid at the beach I see a kid, having fun.  Try as I might, they just don’t turn me on.

 This website,  Jennie’s Palett has a lot to say on the subject and can lead you to more information. 

 By the way, this ‘porn’ pic of a naked kid and a woman ‘exposing’ herself to him is by some old time ‘pornographer’ called Da Vinci.  The kid’s name is Jesus, woman is Mary, or something like that…    -S 

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