Made it to the Beach, Finally!

Camped overnight, got to the beach (Mazo) today.  Absolutely beautiful, perfect.  Ahhh.

Skippy, the famous beach dog is getting a bit long in the tooth so the bike ride in and out was a little slower than in past years, almost time to get him a trailer to ride in.

Home now, showered and damn near dead.  A day at the beach can kill you, really.  Especially if you’ve gotten as much out of shape as we have over that long, godforsaken winter.  We considered suicide but decided it required too much effort. 

Going to veg out out on TV and leftovers now.  Bye!  – S

One Response

  1. Sounds like you had a great nude day. I still haven’t had my first nude excursion of the season but hopefully, I’ll visit a resort in a couple of weeks. I had planned to go on Memorial Day weekend but pressing family matters took precedence.

    Have a great nude summer!


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