What’s it All About, Alfie?

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I had a cSiamese Catat named Alfie when I was a kid.  Siamese.

Cats are smart.  One of ours learned to ring the doorbell to be let in.  One of our cats now opens the door to let himself out, though he refuses to close it behind him.

They can also be quite dumb.  Both of our cats can get  in and out a basement window but sometimes forget that and sit yowling in the rain rather than just go in the stupid window.  By the way, we don’t know how they do it, all the windows are sealed…

Angie was standing right next to one inside the sliding screen door one day, glanced away, looked back and the cat was outside.  Door still shut.  Creepy.  Didn’t figure out until later that the screen was loose at the bottom.  Sneaky cat, just did it to mess with her head.   That cat is known to us as Cat Who Walks Through Walls.

Cats don’t wear clothes and don’t care if we do.  Or don’t.  Cats are cool.

If you follow the stuff in the news that relates to naked people, you’ll see how mixed up everything is.  A story about a beach in Australia being declared officially nude right next to an article about a guy in Australia being busted for being nude at a beach.

We’ve got a nude sunrise jogger being arrested while artist Spencer Tunick takes yet another picture of bunches of nude people in a public place.

Nude bike rallies abound, nobody gets arrested, but a kid streaking across a remote frozen lake in Wisconsin does.

And God help us, Janet’s nipple.

Mainstream press articles talk rationally about the growing ‘trend’ while Judge Marilyn Milian on TV is incredulous that a woman appearing before her likes to garden in the nude, behind her fences.  Imagine that: being nude, in private, on a hot summer day.  How weird.

What must Judge Marilyn, seemingly a modern intelligent person, think about those of us who have no problem being nude socially?

Every time I start to feel that if mainstream society doesn’t particularly agree with our lifestyle, at least they’re coming to the point where they can accept that it doesn’t threaten them.  Then I hear about that sunrise jogger who faces possible prison time and sex offender status.

We live in Madison, WI. in the most liberal neighborhood of, arguably, one of the most liberal cities in America.  If you put an ad in the newspaper seeking a conservative it would probably go un-answered.  It’s a terrific place to live.  But we have to face the fact that to nearly all of our fellow citizens here we are freaks.

Now, you can openly advertise sexual services or your desire for them.  We have clubs for every sexual variation you might be interested in.  Drugs are readily available on street corners, we have a long-time well known whorehouse and strip joints in and around town.  You can buy illegal fireworks legally, there’s a big pot rally on the Capitol Square every year but you can’t smoke cigarettes in most public places.  Madison is often referred to as the Berkely of the Midwest.

The City makes it’s living by being full of lawyers for all branches of government and industry, busily screwing people one way or another.  Lobbyists get rich stealing my ability to put my kids through college while their kids go to Stanford.  Legislators have Cadillac healthcare while we have none.

An obscenely wealthy local couple gave more than $200,000,000.00 (yeah, 200 million!) to build a new Civic Center that we can’t afford to go to!  And then, a $1,000,000.00/year tax subsidy and it still can’t break even.

And neighborhood watch programs fail for lack of funds.  In the worst area of the city.  Nowhere near the Civic Center, of course.

But, we like to lay on the beach nude, bothering no one, so we’re freaks.  Go figure.

We don’t hide that we’re nudists from friends, family or most co-workers.  Many are somewhat interested about such a ‘taboo’ subject and accept the fact that we’re just a little strange.   Few have expressed interest in investigating that lifestyle.  None are appalled. That’s OK.  But if I walked out into my yard naked I’d madStatue.jpgbe arrested, jailed, fined and labeled as a sex offender.

No answers here, only questions.  Is this just a case of two steps forward and one back?  Is this how the Pilgrims felt, seeking someplace where they could live as they wished without persecution?  Must we always hide in our resorts and campgrounds and be looked upon as deviates?  Constantly defending?

We harm no one, we have no wish to punish those who don’t believe as we do that the the human body is not something shameful that needs to be hidden.

We just don’t want them  to hurt us.

Guess I did a rant again, huh?  Ah, but it feels so good to let it out…

So tell me, what’s it all about, Alfie?          -Steve

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  1. Great rant !


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