Pregnant Women Deemed ‘Inappropriate’ in Virginia

A couple of young women won top honors in an art competition sponsored by the Virginian-Pilot newspaper but were rejected because newspaper bigwigs decided their art wasn’t fit to be seen by decent folks.

On display at the Chrysler Museum Of Art,  praised by art authorities as excellent  works, nonetheless they were rejected because they depicted nudity in a tasteful way.

Perhaps the artists should have submitted babes in bikinis instead.

Wonder if an artwork depicting oh, say, a guy nailed to a cross would be acceptable for family viewing.  Oh, that’s right.  Those things are all over the place, as are bloody movies shown in churches.

Got it.  Violence is good, finding beauty in pregnancy or the human body is bad.  Now we understand.

For more on the story, click HERE.

3 Responses

  1. 3 cheers for being comfortable in your own skin!


  2. Well, speaking of guys crucified, as routine people were crucified naked; so a lot of people haven’t been true in their art. Why is nudity so scary to people?


  3. ” Why is nudity so scary to people? ”

    Because it scares the shit out of people. We Nudist are free, happy and enjoying life, something those prudes just can’t accept.
    Being a lifelong biker /motorcyclist I recall the days when we bikers were denied motel rooms and campsites at family campgrounds because we were….” not fit to be seen by decent folks” .Being a Nudist today I feel the same stigma now. I feel someday nudity will be viewed as an acceptable lifestyle just as being a motorcyclist has become mainstream today. I guess nudity needs a Happy Days ..Fonzie.. to make us all look COOL in the buff 😉


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