First Time?

barrel-guy1First thing:  Google search  nude beaches or something.   Did you do that?  OK, got the picture?  That does NOT have anything  to do with nudism/naturism.  Save that for your porn files.  That crap is what most people perceive social nudity to be all about.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most websites purporting to be ‘nudist’ aren’t much better.

Try Badger Naturists  or Friends of Mazo Beach for a couple of reality checks.  And browse our All Nudist site,  that’s what we’re here for.  The sites listed in our blogroll are pretty good too.  Sometimes there’s a fine line to draw…  OK,  some cross the line but still have something to offer.

If you’re new to the experience you will discover a few interesting things that you would have never believed in your prior life.

Clothing exists for three purposes.  Protection from weather extremes, to enhance appearance, or to establish social status and/or disguise a body which is socially ‘unacceptable’.  One is valid, one can be fun, the last is the reason nudity is frowned upon.  Naked people have nothing to hide.  The idea that nudity causes sex is silly.  A woman in a bikini is sexier than a socially naked woman.  And guys, women are far more likely to be interested in your butt in jeans or the cut of your hair above your neck than than your dangling, ah, dangle.  Honest.

Nude is not about sex.  Naked is not about sex.  Social nudism is not about sex.  Nudism/Naturism is not about sex.

Are we clear on that now?  Good, let’s proceed.

For one thing, it’s not a stare-fest seeing all those naked bodies.  Yeah, it’s a bit of a shock at first, nude people everywhere and, oh-my-god, you’re one of them!  Let’s face it, we’re just not used to that sort of thing.  It’s kind of a jolt to the senses.  Don’t worry, you’ll get over it.  Usually takes about 15 minutes.  After that, you’ll wonder what the fuss is all about and gee, how come I have to wear clothes all the time?

Hard-ons rarely happen, haven’t seen one for years.  If it does just toss a towel over it.

You’ll find all sorts of body sizes and shapes, different endowments in various areas, and nobody cares.  Pretty people are still pretty, people who don’t fit society’s ideal of pretty are just as comfortable.  Nudists tend to judge by personality, not by outward appearances.  You will find acceptance like you have never known.  Have a problem with body image (who doesn’t?), you will lose it.

You’ll also find out what your third grade teacher looks like without her clothes on (c’mon, you always wondered, didn’t you?) and, shudder, what your grandparents look like.  And you know what?  It’s ok.

All women have cellulite.  Don’t worry about it.  Most guys think their parts aren’t, ah, impressive enough.  Don’t worry about it.  Women think their parts are 1: Too big, 2: Too small, or 3: Sag.  Don’t worry about it.  Medical scars, yeah, don’t worry about it.

Get the picture yet?  Nobody cares.  We run around nekked because it feels good, and natural.  Social nudity gives us the opportunity to enjoy this in the presence of others who respect that desire and share it.  It’s that simple.  Really.  Just do it.  If you find that it isn’t your thing, nothing lost and a life experience gained.  Great cocktail party topic!

Worried about rampant sex and come-ons?  Not gonna happen in most situations.  Clubs and resorts have strict rules about behavior,  Mazo Beach (and others) have unofficial rules which it is wise to not ignore.

All that said, social nudism is really a simple thing once you’ve tried it.  You will find that you cannot look at the world and society the same way again.  People create so many problems because they’re afraid of something as simple as not wearing clothes when clothes aren’t needed.  Go figure.  So try it, you’ll like it!

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  1. video not working, as soon as you click on it you’re redirected somewhere else… fix it plz. else, great article.

    Admin: Is working now, maybe it was a glitch. Let us know if it continues to fail. We really can’t do much about it other than repost, and that would do the same thing. Browser issue, maybe. Try to copy the link and go directly if all else fails. Good luck!


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