OK, It’s Time to Boycott Starbucks

  Some of those good folks, wiling to crawl through the gutter just so they can save our souls, have determined that the Starbucks logo depicts a slutty naked mermaid with, gasp!, her legs spread.

Ah, is it just me?  I thought  that part of being a mermaid meant that, well, you don’t have legs.

Seems I was wrong, and that means Mom and Dad were wrong too.  And my sisters, and everyone I’ve ever known.  Sure is good to be set straight!

Personally, I’ll stick with women, those scales scare me…

We always secretly wondered how they reproduced, now we know.  Thanks to the ‘Resistance’, a (surprise!) Christian watchdog group.

If you want to find more about them, Google Resistance Manifesto , it seems their website was closed due to a little lawsuit thing…

Don’t you wonder what their meetings are like?  Lots of tittering over the latest episode of the Homo cartoon ‘Sponge Bob’?  Cursing Procter & Gamble for the Satanist logo they use, rending their hair over ‘Ellen’.  What fun.

You really ought to take a look at this site for more fun about all this.  We all need a laugh now and then.  This is so stupid it isn’t even pitiful.

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