So, Where Do They Fit?

We have some friends, a couple, who enjoy the nudist lifestyle.  That is, they love the Beach and nudist resorts.  When they visit we are nude and comfortable around the house, or camp.

But here’s the question:  They, possessing a great personal relationship, also like to play with other adults.  And we’re not talking about playing volleyball.  Are they really nuMichelangelo's David dists?

They’re relatively new to social nudism but enjoy it as is, without the need to ‘hook up’ though that could be a bonus that might happen.

Now, nudists/naturists make a huge effort to separate sexuality from nudity, especially when dealing with the textile public that sees us as a bunch of sex fiends.  This is a serious issue, sex being the hot-button item it is.   Everybody loves sex but everybody acts like there’s something wrong with it.  Especially in public view.  Except in TV shows, commercials and magazine ads. 

A naturist will tell you that sexuality is not a part of nudity, anGrace by Jennie Rosenbaumd it isn’t, usually.   But let’s be honest, a pretty person is attractive and attractive means sexually attractive.  Or not.  Physical beauty can stand alone.  Michelangelo’s David doesn’t turn anyone on but it is a beautiful rendition of male anatomy.  Beautifull but not sexual.

Nude art often depicts an image of a beautiful human form, and that’s acceptable as long as it isn’t overtly sexual.  But who’s to say what’s sexually stimulating?  That’s a subject of constant debate.  A previous posting here demonstrated that with the folks who were upset with a coffee company’s logo.   Our Attorney Attorney General John Ashcroft in front of the 'Spirit of Justice'General required that the statue of Justice in Washington be covered to hide a breast. 

Back on topic.  There is a ‘nudist’ resort in northern Wisconsin that specializes in alternate behavior.   Public sex is encouraged.  Is this truly a nudist place?  These people like running around nekked, plus having sex.  They are definitely not typical nudists, but are they nudists or something altogether different?  Do we need to create sub-categories?

What would they be?  Where and how nude?

Naturist N/S: Outdoors only, no sex

Naturist W/S: Outdoors only, with sex

Nudist N/S: Anywhere, no sex

Nudist W/S: Anywhere, with sex

Swinger/naturist: Outdoors only, couples, sex.

Swinger/nudist: Anywhere, couples, sex

Hedonist: Sex anywhere, anyone, nuditity optional

Single guy: Anything he can get, anywhere, anytime, nuditity optional

OK, just a little fun there.  The fact is, nudists/naturists make up a cross section of society just like everybody else.   Who has the right to define what a ‘true’ nudist or naturist is, though we all try?  We have our ideas, you have yours.  What we really need is some unity in presenting ourselves to the public in a responsible manner. 

That same public is just as flawed and diverse (just check out the shenanigans going on with your local Congressman, or President, or priest, etc.), yet is uniform in denouncing our lifestyle.  We need to show that we’re no stranger than they are, we just like being ourselves without clothes on.

So, where does that leave our friends?  It leaves them as our friends, who are nudists and also like to fool around a bit.  We don’t, they do, and we’re friends.  So there!     -S

3 Responses

  1. We know a number of people who fit the description you depict here. The important point is that even though they do swing they do not practice swinging when visiting naturist venues. Many people stubbornly refuse to see that there is a line that can be drawn between nudity and sexuality and in my mind this is where the problem comes in. If, as it seems most of the opponents of social nudity, you cannot make that distinction and in your frame of reference the two are synonymous then you should not be attending naturist events and visiting naturist venues. You’ll just piss the people off who simply want to enjoy nudity for its own sake and don’t suffer from your inability to control your urges.

    As long as people, whether they are swingers, kinky or plain vanilla can enjoy social nudity in places designated for that purpose and not infringe on the rights of others by partaking in other activities that may cause offence there is no problem.

    They don’t need to be classified as anything. When they are at a naturist resort/beach/house party they are naturists and are expected to behave accordingly. When they are at a swingers venue they are swingers and in most swingers venues people walk around naked in any case so, in my mind swinging encompasses a form of social nudity as well, albeit with an overtly titillating and sexual focus. If you accompany them to a swingers venue/party then you shouldn’t complain when people behave as swingers do because that’s why they are there.

    “Who has the right to define what a ‘true’ nudist or naturist is, though we all try?”

    I think it comes down to whether you have the right to define what behavior is acceptable for you and those you surround yourself with? Do I have that right? Damn right I do! And if I find my self at a place where the majority of the people don’t act the way I am comfortable with then I have the right to leave as well.

    “So, where does that leave our friends? It leaves them as our friends, who are nudists and also like to fool around a bit. We don’t, they do, and we’re friends. So there! “

    And I agree with that wholeheartedly. Some people who are naturists are also swingers, some are also hot air balloon pilots, others are accountants and some run naturist resorts. In the end we have all gathered at a specific place for enjoying the freedom of being naked in a social setting and not whatever else our friends get up to.

    In the end it’s about respect. If they respect you, you’ll respect them.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. It is about time that this issue gained some critical mass within the nudist community. Personally I think Nudiarist’s idea of a rating system is a good one, but AANR seems to be a poor choice for being in charge of it. Their entire brand is built around family nudism and it is difficult to see them embracing a broader non-family audience without completely rethinking how that would affect their brand, mission, current membership needs and so on.

    The approach I would suggest (have suggested) is for the community to come together and define a series of voluntary ratings categories along with acceptable practices within each category and let those in control of each facility determine to which they wish to belong. And then, importantly, ENFORCE the rules associated with their chosen category for visitors within their facility.

    As has been mentioned before, this really only applies to facilities and not to public property. As far as I know, lewd behavior on any public property is illegal and thus a family level rating would be appropriate on all public lands.

    Nudely – NudistStop


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