Have you ever noticed how friendly naked people are?  You will most always get a smile when you say hello.  Try that same thing in the textile world and see how far you get before you get a smile.

A smile is your outside voice.  You don’t have to speak to let people know you care enough to move your lips upwards.  I love to get a smile out of a person who had previously been frowning.  There’s a lot of frowning going around and probably with good reason but a little smile can make someone’s attitude lift up a notch.

I was walking through a local airport one day and every person I passed smiled & said hello.  The maintenance worker, a shoe shine person, a baggage handler and the lady at the coffee shop.  By the time I got to my destination I actually felt happy and wanted to smile myself.  The destination airport, in contrast, had a lot of unhappy, surly people in every venue and I found my happy meter slipping downward.

What a difference a smile can make.  Remember that the next time you are naked or clothed.  Smile and make the world a little better place for all. – A

One Response

  1. Thats it! All you need to wear is a smile 🙂

    Admin: You betcha! Say, I don’t suppose you’d mind if we link to you now and then, would you? Facebook in a couple of days. Stay naked!


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