Ah… Sweet Youth

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Just got back from the liquor store, spent a little time chatting with two young men in line with me.  They had a huge amount of beer in their cart.

Being very perceptive, I said something clever like “Having a party, huh?”

They said they were going on their annual Wisconsin River trip with friends.

I asked if by any chance they might be cruising by the nude beach at Mazomanie, where possibly a naked young woman might jump into their canoe? (It has been known to happen)

They said, yeah, they’d be going past there but, so far, they hadn’t seen any naked women they’d want to jump in with them!  Ouch!

Angie’s still laughing.  And saying ‘ouch’.

But they were happy to hear that there are porta-potties at the beach.

Ah, well, at that age I would have been much more interested in cute naked chicks than the deeper understanding of personalities that nudism/naturism hopes to develop.  Though I have always wanted to be naked, since a child.

Let’s wish the boys luck,.  They’re gonna have a great day on the river, get seriously drunk, have a few giggles over the funny naked people at the beach, and wake up with horrible sunburns and hangovers.  And, they won’t have gotten laid, either!

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  2. There’s no one there. What is the purpose of the page? If you gave folks a reason to go there, perhaps they might. When you reach 100 ‘likes’ feel free to drop a link to it on our FB page. If we like what we see, we’ll share it!

    It’s also a good idea to add your page link wherever you can so folks can find you! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-naturist-club/161803070596360?sk=wall&filter=1


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