Nude Beaches OK for TV

OK for TV commercials, that is.  There are currently a couple of commercials that feature nude beaches, and not in a really terrible way.  Just kinda funny.

One is for a cell phone company.  The joke is that a family visiting a beach didn’t realize it was clothing optional because they were out of contact.  Click here AT&T for that one.

The other features a beer on a beach as the camera pans past it to a sign that reads ‘Nude Beach’.  “Miles away from the ordinary”.  Here’s a link to that one:  Corona

Either way, neither paints the nudist as evil or ridiculous.  That’s a start, hey?

But isn’t it funny, and sad, the the very idea of a nude beach both tittilates and repulses non-nudists?  It seems that they are drawn to that which they cannot have, for their own reasons.

We have all faced those same ‘reasons’ and found them to be groundless fears.  If only we could share that experience.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a ‘National Nude Day’ where everyone could go about their daily business naked?  Wowser.  Ahh, fat chance, never happen.

But we can hope for the day when we don’t have to make up stories about where we spent the weekend or where we vacationed.  Angie and I are ‘out of the closet’ so that’s no problem anymore, but we weren’t always and know plenty of folks who aren’t.  Of all the various lifestyle choices out there which are (somewhat) generally accepted, nudists are still ranked by the average Joe amongst rapists, pedophiles, and communists.  Thoroughly unacceptable.

In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to do what a school teacher of mine recommended: “We shall strive to endaever!”  Or was it that movie Indian?

One Response

  1. I’ve seen several of these commercials that use nude beaches and nudists and the one thing that strikes me about all of them, even though they don’t portray anything negative about them, they still show how uncomfortable people are with public nudity. In the cell phone commercial, they never answer the little girl’s quiestion, “Why are those people naked?”

    ” the very idea of a nude beach both tittilates and repulses non-nudists” That’s so true. In America everyone wants to see naked bodies on television but the moment one appears, there’s moral outrage. How long was Janet Jackson’s nipple exposed on national TV? Most people weren’t sure what they had seen until they rewound their Tivo and played it back frame by frame. And who was harmed by it? I’d venture to say no one.

    A National Nude Day, I like that idea. This morning I was doing some work in my front yard. I was hot and sweaty and my clothes stuck to me like a second skin. I would have been so much more comfortable doing those chores in the nude but that just wasn’t going to happen. I’d sure there would have been indignant complaints, cops, news crews, and moral outrage galore. We do want we can, I guess.


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