And a Good Time Was Had By All

Angie and I were talking this weekend about how sad we felt that our textile friends and neighbors were, right then, probably sweating in their clothes doing yard work and such while we, poor us, were spending a beautiful weekend in the buff at the Nude Car Show.  

The event was a success, as usual, with lots of happy naked folks hanging around eating and drinking and socializing, the best of what social nudity has to offer.

I’d been there a couple of times before, first time for Angie.  She loved it from the moment we entered the grounds.  It was simply non-stop enjoyment!

Not being tenters (our trailer is elsewhere) it was a new experience for us together.  Of course we forgot to bring a few things.  Leave it to the wonderful folks you meet at nudist gatherings, they were almost falling over each other to help set up the tent and provide essentials.   Instant friends for the weekend, and promises to meet again.

The cars were neat, the pool was sparkling.  We danced under the moon on the grass, sat around a campfire and totally relaxed.  Ahhh…

We ran into Academic Naturist, accompanied by the lovely and vivacious Lady Friend.  Nice folks we look forward to getting to know better.  It’s fun to meet someone whose writing you have been reading for a while.

So, we spent a weekend with a couple hundred naked people, some drinking quite a bit, with no problems whatsoever.  Can you picture that happening in the average gathering?  No misbehavior, no idiots, no problems.  People just having fun, nude, and sharing a great time together.

Isn’t it funny?  And they see us as odd and decadent.  Ahhh, again.      -Steve

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