Nude Olympics

  Now that those other Olympics are over ( the one where they wear clothes, unlike the original OMale Nude with Discus Olympics Berlin 1936lympics), it’s time for Valley View Recreation Club’s event!

Also unlike this year’s ‘official’ Olympics, the air at Valley View is fresh and clean, making it much easier for the participants to show their stuff.

Ahem, well, so to speak…

  Hundreds of buff, trim athletes are expected to compete, along with thousands of visitors from around the world.

  Or more likely a couple of dozen happy campers having a lot of fun.  One thing’s for sure; there won’t be any sweaty jockstraps to worry about!

  Valley View is in Southeastern Wisconsin, easily reached from anywhere (except maybe Beijing).  If you’re in California, start driving now.  Hawaii?  Head out last week!

Details for the weekend HERE

  Convention has it that the idea of a Nude Olympics originated at Princeton University on a chilly November evening.  You can read about that HERE .

  If you happen to attend, look for Angie and Steve at the ‘Watching Grass Grow’ competition.   If they have one, which I doubt, but that’s about as energetic as we get.

There are a lot of these Nude Olympic events around the country (the world!), so many that we can’t comment on all of them.  This one’s in our backyard.  If the organizers of these events would like to e-mail us with details we could create an ‘events’ page with them listed ahead of time, or give a link.  The same goes for other things like nude bike rides, jogs, etc.  We are here to serve, we aim to be user-friendly. 

Keep on enjoying the summer!  Unless, of course, you live in Winter right now and are awaiting summer’s arrival.  Guess that’s your problem.  Just wait until our Winter arrives and we begin complaining again.  But not yet, by God.  Not yet!

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