Being Seen Nude

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These folks have a great site with a lot of useful information.  They’re a non-landed club in the Washington D.C. area.  (ed. note: The club has disbanded and regrouped as Capital Area Family Naturists )

Everybody should have a group nearby, right? You don’t?  So… .start one! 

Get a blog , find local nudist/naturist links and message boards, talk to other nudists, and get your butt in gear!

Years ago my ex and I started a soccer club for kids whose families couldn’t afford to join the fancy-schmancy local clubs.  It is now one of the largest soccer clubs in this part of the state.  It CAN be done.

If you have a place where you can get nekked, or travel to, you can do it.  You’d be surprised how many hotel/motels are happy to rent their facilities for a night or weekend for a guaranteed booking.  Even bowling alleys.  Really.

Then there’s house parties.  Lotsa fun for a smaller group.  If somebody has a fenced pool or hot tub, even better!  We went to one where they had a galvanized stock tank (for you city folks, that’s a big metal tub) propped up with a propane burner under it in the garage in the middle of the winter!

So there.  You’ve got the idea.  Go for it!

(What’s this got to do with ‘being seen nude’?  Nothing, just kinda got off track and forgot to change the title…)

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  1. In all my years of business in owning a nudist resort, I have heard from people why don’t “they” have nude bowling by me, Or why don’t “they” start a winter nude swim at a gym, etc.

    Well starting your own nudist club, you get to become a “they” just like me. I encourage people to get more involved with nude recreation. It’s lots of fun.

    Tom Mulhall

    Admin: Spoken as an expert, Tom! Stop in at The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa. in always-sunny Palm Springs, CA.! Or you can visit on Facebook: Terra Cotta etc.


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