Where Have All the Children ( & Young Adults) Gone?

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DISCLAIMER:  This posting contains some links that we normally wouldn’t touch, let alone link to.  They are here simply to make the point of this article.  They are easily available to anyone and most of you probably are aware of that.  For those of you who aren’t, it’s about time you learned.  Don’t click on them if you don’t want to.

It’s a common thread in most discussions about social nudism.  “Why is everyone middle-aged or older?  Where is the younger generation?”

For the most part, the only place you see large numbers of younger nudists is in Google Images, where they’re mostly beautiful young women, pretty young men , and far too many (tsk, tsk) children.  Not a very representative sampling.

Enough about Google pics.

But it’s the same on many major ‘nudist/naturist’ websites.  They paint a picture of lovely young people frolicking happily in sunny tropical locales.  (end of questionable sites)

How disappointing for 20-somethings to screw up the nerve to go to a real nudist venue and find, us.  Boring old farts.  They don’t hang around with their older neighbors at home, why would they want to here?  And, ugh!, naked!

We talk about things that happened before they were born or that they’re not interested in.  Our music sucks, we look like their parents, it’s generally not very sexy (remember sexy?), and they have no one of their own age to play with.  B-O-R-I-N-G.

Clubs and parties are fun because you are surrounded by your peers.  Social nudity is exactly the same.

There’s a lot of things going on in a young person’s life, and not a lot of leisure time. It needs to be portioned out.  Hmm, concert this weekend or the nude beach (all your friends are at the textile beach)?  Party with friends or go to the nudie place?  Street fair or…what?   Many choices and a lifetime to look forward to.  No hurry, we can always do it another time.  Later.  Someday, probably.  Wish it was more fun… And, young families are busy!

So, what do we do about it?  A lot of venues and clubs are trying.  They have events designed to draw the younger crowd, dances with their music, mixers, free or cheap admission, etc.

Not so sure it’s working.

Where were you at 25?  30?  Did you spend a lot of time thinking about whether you should go to a nudist place or not?  If you’re a nudist now the answer is probably YES! But did you DO anything about it?  Some do, most don’t.

  Young folks tend to be both exhibitionistic and insecure at the same time.  They may skinnydip together at a party but would never call up some friends and suggest going to a nudist beach.   Underwear night at the bar?  Sure!   Nudity and sexuality are ingrained (that’s where babies come from!) and it’s hard to differentiate one from another, especially when you’re young.

It’s sexy to skinny dip with the opposite sex, It’s sensual to enjoy the caress of a breeze on a nude beach.  a fine line to understand without any basis for comparison.

Then there’s the expense angle.  It’s easy to say that there’s a lot of nudist venues that are either free or cheaper than a motel.  Tell that to someone with no beach handy or who really can’t afford a motel, especially often.  Priorities.

Now, Angie and Steve love nothing better than spending a day at the beach, or sitting around the pool reading a book, chatting with folks, relaxing.  Cookouts, karaoke, campfire chats, stuff like that.  Just relaxing nude surrounded with like-minded folks.  Well worth the cost.

25 is a time for fun, sex, excitement!  Dance clubs, parties, car races, the fast lane.  Not sitting around the pool with a bunch of fossils reading books.

God, that sounds bleak.  To them, anyway!

Solution?  Dunno.  There are a number of dating services and some websites geared towards young naturists.  If young naturists really are out there then maybe some of these services might find it beneficial to help create new local ‘young nudist’ clubs, or provide a way that these folks could get together to join existing ‘fossil’ clubs as a group for mutual support.

We can all try to ‘recruit’ but you know how that goes, “Ah, gee, thanks, but I don’t think so… Now please, back away a little bit.”  Well, you know…

It would seem that it just may be an ongoing evolution that, as folks age and grow more comfortable about themselves, have a little more time, have done all those exciting youth things, that they get around to doing that which they have always wanted.  That’s how it was with us anyway.

A better mix of ages would sure be preferable, for all of us, and it’s tough for the young folks that want to participate to feel more comfortable but just can’t.   Maybe all we can do is to go out of our way to make them feel welcome, understand their discomfort, and encourage them to keep at it.  After all, if they wait long enough they’ll  become the ‘fossils’  and have plenty of company!

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