Naughty Nipples Not Nice, Ain’t Art

Maxime Xavier, a relatively well-known artist, had her self-portrait banned from a Maxime Xavier's nude self-portrait gallery in Dorset, England because (oh my!) her nipples were too big.  Imagine that.

Not because she was nude but because her nipples were unacceptable.  Hmm, wonder just what size they were supposed to be?  Was the decision based on body fat ratio, cup size ratio, perkiness?  Bigger than the curator’s wife’s?

If she were a he and frontally nude, would it depend on, well, his size?  How much is too much (stop snickering, ladies!)?  Bigger than the curator?

Is there someone at the Louvre who has the job of putting pasties on paintings?

Now, this is a big nipple!

But, obscene? Nah.

Will women with perky nips be banned from nude beaches next?  No more T-shirts?  Oh, woe is us.

Good thing there’s nothing more important going on in the world to worry about.  Like, is this Tuesday trash pickup day or recyclable day?

Full article here:   Nude Self-portrait Banned

4 Responses

  1. In Australia, the Christian Right is attempting to have all full frontal art listed as X Rated which would see it banned basically. That including the Statue of David, chocolate shaped as nude people, etc.


  2. It’s good that all of Australia’s other problems have been solved, so now all this attention can be focused on the REAL problem: naked pictures!


  3. How odd! I agree…what if it were a man??? This is just plain crazy. Shame on them…they are an art gallery for goodness sake!


  4. Next think you know those religious nutters will only copulate with their wives through a hole in the sheet.


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