Uh Oh, Granny’s Got Her Knickers Down!

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This grandma finally got rights to have her granddaughters visit her at home. Yay!  Oops, there’s a little problem; she lives in a nudist resort.  Big problem.

Pasco County Judge Linda Babb says that there’s no way the kids are going there.  Yuck.

The kids, 3 & 5, have visited there since they were born.

Now, Mom is a shining example of Motherhood, unlike Grandma the, shudder, nudist.  Mom had lost custody simply because of a couple little problems like multiple arrests, jail time.  You know, the sort of thing that most of us go through while bringing up children.  At least she kept her drawers on!kids-pool

Meantime, the kids are farmed out to relatives in the thriving, religiously correct Hillsborough County.  Lucky kids.  No Mom, no Dad, and now no Grandma.

Now realistically, this court decision isn’t a big surprise.  A lot of folks would have a problem exposing kids to that sort of environment.  It’s just kinda sad that that environment is regarded as such.  Folks, we’ve got a long ways to go on public acceptance.

You cab read more about it Here.


As you can see, Lake Como, or any family nudist venue, would be a terrible environment for a couple of kids to visit with Grandma…

Probably would be fine to go stay with Uncle Jim Jones or Uncle David Koresch.  They kept their trousers on (when they weren’t sexually abusing parishioners and their children)!   Kool-Aid anyone?

Is there a recurring theme here where I seem to keep dumping on ‘religious’ people?  I don’t mean to.  It’s the hypocrisy and intolerance and their insistence that they  know the only way that irks me, in any form.  I too fall victim to that shortcoming but at least I do not demand control over other’s lives.  My failures are personal.  So bear with me and forgive me my trespasses.  Disagree if you will, please do.    –  S

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  1. mayorl some thing with you if you
    (Admin. Does anybody know what this might mean, translated from Algerian?)


  2. Kids and nudist custody battles are virtually guaranteed to be a bad scene all around. Couple the fact that family courts are almost impervious to conventional forms of jurisprudence with the sure-fire voodoo connotations that arise whenever the word nudist comes up in the discussion and you are headed straight for a ‘clash with the court’.

    And the really amazing thing about it is that frequently, like in this case, the good guy is made out to be the bad guy and the one who raises the complaint is often bad to the bone.

    Sad thing is the kids are the losers. How many of us have experienced the joy of running around naked all day? Too bad they won’t


  3. You’re right, we have a long way to go to gain understanding and acceptance. But it’s not going to happen any time soon if everyone is so afraid to come out of the closet and admit they are nudists who enjoy a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. I feel that this is still the biggest thing hampering public acceptance and understanding.

    To bad for these kids as they would be much better off with the Grandmother being raised in a nudist environment.

    I think our Large nudist groups need to focus more on getting more nudists to admit that they are nudists to everyone as that would gain us more acceptance and understanding than about anything else. I think our nudist organizations spend their money in the wrong places like all the big nudist gatherings, etc. We need to focus more on getting current nudists to spread the word about how beneficial and wholesome the nudist lifestyle is about and to do more advertising that does the same thing. Until then, I don’t see us gaining much ground, or if we do it will continue to be at a snails pace.


  4. I have no time for religious people. All I ever see is complete hypocrisy.


  5. Like gays until pretty recently who were everywhere but no one knew it. Only after they came out and folks realized that many of their family and friends were gay, and that they weren’t the monsters everyone had thought, did they begin to become accepted into society as a whole.

    Nudist are everywhere too, but so secretly that even WE don;t know who others are. There are no secret handshakes or body signals to test the waters with. We simply hide because we don’t know what would happen if ‘they’ found out. No civil protections and a public perception actively against us, perceiving us a perverts, just like gays used to be.


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