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OK, I’m going to get off this political kick for a while.  This is not the place for it so we’ll just drop it.  Besides, I think I’m changing allegiances and that makes things awkward.

  You see, I’ve decided to switch my vote to McBush.  What, you say?  Steve, champion of individual rights, freedom of speech and the American Way?  Selling out to greed and corporate interests?  Darn right!  There’s more important things to consider.

For instance, it’s occured to me that if that commie Muslim gets elected we won’t get to see that gosh darn cute Sarah anymore.  Is that reason enough?  Darn right.  She’s hot!

  Add to that the internet rumor (so it must be true) that Joe Biden is going to step down and hand the VP to Hillary, that’s enough for me.  I don’t want to look at her for another 4 to 8 years, golly no.  So let us bid a fond farewell to political ramblings on these pages, at least until something pisses me off enough that I’m just busting at the seams.  And not just little stuff like the recent reports that American soldiers and vets are killing themselves faster than enemy soldiers are, or the fact that the war and Wall Street bailout will accomplish nothing other than costing the few remaining taxpayers in this country their retirement incomes.  Losing our homes due to rising taxes, declining wages and devastating medical bills?  Nah, nothing little like that, doggonit.

Only big things, like if someone finds out that Obama farted once in third grade and pretended it was the kid at the desk next to him.  Now, that would be news!  You betcha!   😉    – S

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