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  1. My husband is a member of the ASA, so I would like to learn more about nudism. If anything, to connect more with him.

    (Ed. note: ASA is now AANR)


  2. To ‘Anonymous’: If you really want to learn about the nudist/naturist lifestyle we’d suggest that you use the ‘next page’ tab at the bottom of the ‘HOME’ page. It takes you back in time to the beginning. It’ll take a while.

    Do it until you reach our first postings about a year ago then read all of them up unitl now. Don’t be afraid to follow links for more info.

    This will occupy most of the winter…

    When you have done that you’ll have about as complete education about this lifestyle as you can possibly get.

    If, having done that, you still have questions, feel free to hit the ‘Contact’ page and e-mail us. We WILL get back to you.

    We started this site to give you the good stuff about our lifestyle; complete and honest. We deal with subjects a lot of nudist sites don’t. If you don’t find it here, or through links from here, it probably doesn’t exist.

    We’re not a flashy site, we don’t sell ads (damn!) and you will find just as many pictures of ordinary folks as pretty. We try to use images as illustrative of an idea as opposed to just for flesh appeal.

    OK, sometimes just for fun…

    Good luck!


  3. Anonymous: There isn’t much to learn about us “nudists”. We’re just regular people like everyone else. The only exception is that we are equally comfortable in or out of our clothing. Seriously, we have the same conversations and do the same things no matter if we’re wearing clothes or not. The fact that we’re regular people is partly why it’s difficult to find literature on us. Sorry. Since your husband is an ASA member, he should be getting a magazine from them. That’s a good starting place too.

    To really learn more, I suggest you wait for a warm day. Are you sweating when you walk into your home, or while you’re doing chores? Are you worried about getting your clothes stained or dirty? The answer is simple — strip! You’ll have instant relief on a hot day, and a quick shower is much easier than washing stains (or sweat) out of your clothing. After about 30 minutes, you might even forget that your naked!


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