‘Naturist’, yeah right

Thanks to Diary of a Nudist for this item:Naturist’ jailed for park strip’   What to say?  One step forward, two steps back.  On the other hand, few men would complain about this flasher…

Guess it’s a matter of time and place, huh?  Oh yeah, and gender.  All men are pigs.  That’s why women love us!

11/11/11 –  This is a speculation by Steve, inspired by a comment from an All Nudist Facebook friend, Philip Dunbar :

“I think it’s fair to assume that the problem society has with flashers is that by exposing themselves they traumatize people. So, who would be ‘traumatized’ if a flasher exposed himself to a nudist, or even kids raised as nudists?

Here we have a mental aberration, a crime, and trauma; ALL existent only because of society’s suppression of nudity as a natural state of being.  Were nudity considered natural, there would be no purpose in exposing oneself, no crime committed in doing so, and no one bothered by it!

If that were that the case, I wonder what other avenue the mental deviation that creates the desire to expose oneself would take? Since the ‘exhibitionist’ in a nudist environment is the one who tends to ‘dress up’ or do something else other than nudity to attract attention, what would a frustrated flasher do? Put clothes on?”

One Response

  1. All men pigs???? haha lol…….
    Why you say so???


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