Nude Corn Maze?

  Now here’s a great idea that we should all pass on to our local nudist clubs!  The York Maze in England has a evening devoted to nude corn mazeing, what fun! 

  Hey, corn mazes are fun, being naked is fun, both together would be a hoot!  Toss in some pre and post-maze socializing and it’s a real winner.

  Folks talk about the difficulty sometimes of meeting other naturists, and the lack of kids involved, this would be ‘au naturale’  Bad pun.  Being lost with strangers in a maze would surely break down some normal reluctance to talk to them.

Corn mazes are all over the place nowadays, the only trick is to talk the farmers intoYork maze in England letting a bunch of naked people run around for a few hours.  My guess is that money plus a slow weekday might help sweeten the pot.  Disrobing once within the maze might make it easier for some of them to handle also.

So pass this idea on. There’s a lot of corn in this world and a maze brings in extra money for the farmer, everybody wins!

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3 Responses

  1. I’d heard about the York maze before, it seems to be an annual event. You’d think that somehting like this would have caught on in the mdiwest with all the corn fields available.


  2. Try souvie island. It is in Portland OR many farms doing a maze for halloween with in 2 miles from the nude beach. .


  3. could be a allot of fun


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