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I read a couple of blog postings recently dealing with the issue if nudists sharing photos of themselves on the internet.  There appears to be two schools of thought:  everyone should display themselves nude to the world since there is nothing wrong with nudity; or folks should be able to decide for themselves how candid they wish to be, for their own reasons.

Not everyone believes that social nudity is a harmless pastime, in fact the majority of people believe the opposite.  Nudists are generally reluctant to share personal information even among other nudists, first names and generalities are the norm, at least upon first meeting.  Exposing oneself to the world online is exactly the opposite.

Aside from personal reluctance to do so, there are many reasons why it may not be such a good idea for everyone.  Society is more tolerant of many things than it used to be, not so with nudism.  Nudist are ‘perverts’, somehow ‘dirty’ and associated with the bogyman of sex.   Just Google ‘nudist’ or ‘nudism’ and see what pops up.  Seems to be a lot of interest in very young girls.

Imaging that your employer, or fellow employee thinks like that and runs across a nude pic of you.  Bye-bye job.  A high profile professional (such as my ex) could lose their career should they be ‘outed’.  What about the elementary school teacher or child care provider?  And rule out a career in politics.  The small town business owner?  Pediatrician?  You get the idea.

What about your kids when Mom’s picture gets passed around school?

Sure there are exceptions, but how many of us can afford to take the chance?

Some folks don’t have these issues (I don’t, Angie does so we compromise), and more power to them.  I wish it could be that way for everyone but realistically, it isn’t.

All that aside, some folks just don’t care to flaunt it on the ‘net.  And realistically, why should they?  As nudists we aren’t naked so we can look at other people or just to be looked at, we’re naked because it feels good!  Does seeing a picture of someone nude make their thoughts and words more valuable?  Is that why Dan Rather lost his job, because we never saw him nude?

I think that we like seeing pictures of nudists partly for non-nudist reasons (everybody likes seeing naked people) and partly because it helps affirm our lifestyle choice and makes us feel part of a community.   But that’s a different story.

Whether someone feels comfortable displaying their body to strangers or not is their choice.  No one should feel obliged to be nude in public, or apologize for choosing not to.  And the internet is very public

It is interesting to note that in those recent  blog postings, neither writer chose to display a nude photo.  Or full name, address or phone number.  In fact, in the many blogs I’ve read insisting on nude photos, none of them have done so themselves.  Hmm.

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One Response

  1. Well, I guess my point is made for me. The folks in two photos I used here asked to have them removed, that’s the first time it’s ever happened.

    Now, these separate parties are publicly listed on Skinbook. have multiple nude photos of themselves posted, make them available for sharing and even embedding on other websites. The have profiles of themselves and ask for people to contact them.

    But they don’t want their pics used anyway. And that’s their perogative.

    Now certainly, if THESE folks don’t want to, it’s easy to understand why someone who is NOT already advertising their lifestyle on the internet might not wish to use a nude pic at all.


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