Why it’s Tough to be a Nudist

  • When it’s cold, you’re cold.
  • Frying bacon
  • When the cat decides to climb into your lap, using claws IMG_1078
  • When the doorbell rings
  • Mosquitoes, biting flies (worse)
  • Those times when you have to wear clothes
  • When your textile friends, family, etc., ask you where you spend your weekends
  • When you have to wear a swimsuit
  • No pockets
  • Sand burrs
  • Ground-dwelling bees 
  • Sunburn in unusual places
  • Spilled coffee
  • Campfire sparks
  • Prickers in the woods

Why it’s Great Being a Nudist

  • You have to ask?

8 Responses

  1. Great post!


  2. […] on the All Nudist blog today: Why it’s Tough to be a Nudist. I could probably add to that list but I can’t add anything more to why it’s great to […]


  3. rofl! so very very true, especially the cats and the bacon! I have been there more than once.. I just keep forgetting.


  4. Hi Jennie! Mo the Cat just did it again while I was reading your comment, must be your fault!

    Hey, when is it you’re coming to Boston? It’s only a few hundred miles away, maybe we can make it!


  5. This time of year, I occasionally have to bite the bullet and put on, um, a pair of socks.

    (Hey, if the feet aren’t cold, eventually neither is the rest of me.)


  6. CG, you are Soo right! And gloves, if need be…


  7. And a layer of oil helps a lot! Adds about 10 degrees of comfort!


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