Naked Snow Angel

OK, saw a post on Academic Naturist where he was talking about maybe making naked snow angels.

Hmm,  IMG_3331interesting idea.  I’ve done a bit of snow-rolling with a hot tub or sauna handy but don’t recall making a snow angel.  Hmm.

Well, I’ve got about thirty years on A.N. but I figured if he’s got the balls (soon to shrink, along with everything else) then so do It!

Did the deed during a commercial while we’re IMG_3334 fixed watching the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.  Great bad movie!

Very cold, to say the least.  Jumped right into the shower and survived.  Actually was fun and would recommend it.  Just keep an eye out for passing cars or folks walking their dogs!

Pretty damn good angel, huh?  Your turn!

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15 Responses

  1. Very nice. No snow down here (yet)


  2. That IS a pretty damn good snow angel! I’m impressed, yet I can’t stop laughing!

    We didn’t get the chance this time, and didn’t have the camera with. (I knew we were forgetting something…) It’s a long run from the basement sauna to the snow, and so we decided not to since we didn’t have a camera anyway. But, I assure you there WILL be a next time within the next month and we’ll be sure to bring the camera! My girlfriend promised to join me as well, so it’ll be a double-angel…

    Thanks for confirming to the readers just how crazy us Wisconsinites are. 🙂

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  3. May your balls be filled with snow! hahahehe


  4. OK! You did it! Looks like you enjoyed it too… ‘Way to go guys, that’s the nudistist spirit! So, can we expect to see you at the Polar Bear Plunge in Madison this year? Uh, we’ll be glad to watch. Cute pics!


  5. We got a rare snowfall here in Las Vegas in 2003. I went in our hot tub and made a snow Angel accros the street in the neighbors yard. Just so I could say I needed to shovel the driveway I did that too naked.

    Sorry I was out at 3:00 am by myself so I do not have any pictures.

    Admin: No pics, huh? Well, I guess we’ll take your word for it! Playing in the snow, or even just cold weather, is surprisingly fun and refeshing if you have somewhere warm to get back to. Even a campfire can do the trick!


  6. I’m glad there’s no snow here, otherwise I’d be tempted to prove my manhood by doing the same…lol


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  8. We’re expecting 20cm in the nexy few days! i’ll give it another go! =)

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  9. I’ll take some photos lol

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