Nudists Obsessed With Sex?

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Would it be fair to say that the general population sees nudists/naturists as a bunch of people with hormones out of control?  After all, we do tend to run around naked in groups, so we must be screwing each other all of the time, right?

Well, some of us are, to be sure, but mostly no more so than people everywhere.  To a large part we separate nudity from sexuality, but we still get the bad rep.  Nudity equals sex and sex is bad, dontcha know!

On the other hand, it’s considered perfectly normal for the textile world to use nudity as a sexual tool for everything from selling products to providing titillating entertainment.  Show as much as you dare, but not too much, except sometimes when it’s ok.  News stories about nude people are fine, actual nude people are not.

The article attached to the picture above is a nice little piece (pun intended) about how well nudity in a sexual context works as an advertising tool.  The funny thing is, it works even when we know we’re being manipulated because, well, we like it!

On the other-other hand, when the ‘porn’ video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee came out, her career skyrocketed.  Go figure.  Oh, and nobody said a thing about Tommy (well, except ‘lucky guy!’ maybe).

  On the other-other-other hand (that’s four hands now, right?), the friendly folks to the left are a dangerous threat to Church, State, and Society.  Obviously demented and perverted.  They’re just relaxing nude and not selling anything.  That is sick.

If it seems that we return to this subject often, it’s because we do.  It’s so extremely irritating to see the misunderstanding that the textile world has for our lifestyle, while they hypocritically go out of their way to excite themselves over exactly that which does not excite us!   Simple nudity.

Sure we like pretty people, sure we like sexy stuff, but nudity, in, of and by itself is not sexual.  It’s just being naked, and it’s fun!

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4 Responses

  1. Excellent well written opinion piece. For me, I accept that our U.S. society has a very screwed up attitude towards sex and nudity. I don’t understand why this is so, but, as we say in our church, “And so it is.”
    For myself and my husband, we’re not about educating, changing people’s mind. We just hammer on the freedom issue. What we do doesn’t harm individuals or society. Just allow us the freedom to be nude in designated places that have all the security and protection that textile designated places have. Our attitude is the same towards people in the swinging lifestyle. Leave them alone. Let them be. It’s a freedom issue.

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