Just a Little Sharing

Mo the CatIMG_3348 managed to sneak upstairs last night.  We’re out of ct food and that means they get really, really friendly.  They know what side their bread’s buttered on.  Anyway, that means a night with a cat on your head, purring sometimes, occasionally giving little love bites (Mo, not Angie) and the inevitable little claw touches as he dreams about his childhood with his mom.

Makes for a not exactly sound sleep.  Skippy Dog is IMG_1074 around too but not very intrusive unless he decides he needs to get under the covers.  Somehow, after all these years he still hasn’t figured out that in order to get under the covers, he can’t be standing on them.   No wonder dogs aren’t at the top of the food chain.

Well, Mo finally disappeared, sleep was going well when Fluffy the Cat made his  appearance.  Seems Mo opened the door upon his departure and hungry, over-friendly Fluffy got in.  PURR PURR PURR!  Head rubs, IMG_1071kitty nibbles, etc.  “See how much I love you?  NOW will you feed me?”

Killing Fluffy would make me feel a little better but wouldn’t help get back to sleep.  Why is it that on weekends, when you can sleep as long as you want, you wake up early?  Totally not fair.

So here I am now with this herd of hungry, overly affectionate cats following me around.  They weren’t too fond of the leftover Stroganoff I tried to feed them and are just acting weirdly now.  Yowling, attacking the furniture, rolling around.  Guess it’s time to get them some cat food, huh?

Change of subject.  Stepped outside this morning, as is my habit wIMG_3262hen it’s dark and nobody is around to be freaked out by a naked man, and, wowser! it’s cold out there!  Nine degrees below zero, wind chill worse, brrr.  Very refreshing!  Sure wakes you up quick.  But, I think, no snow angels today…

Time for tuna on toast (cats don’t like tuna, go figure), BYE!  – S

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