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You’ve seen these things.  Little girls tricked out like tarts, looking sexy.  It can be done, it can make a seven-year old girl’s appearance touch that part of some men’s mind that reacts to certain signals.  And it’s sick.

And their parents and the promoters do it on purpose.

Little girls shouldn’t be sexy, shouldn’t be attractive in that way.  That’s so wrong.  Little girls should be little girls. 5

But it’s a perfectly acceptable part of life today, a ‘fun’ thing for the little tykes and a rewarding experience for Mom & Dad.  Isn’t that peachy?  Whoring your child for an ego boost.

What the hell is wrong with our society where we allow this?  Spank your kid and you can go to jail.  Teachers are afraid to touch their students in fear of sexual assault charges.  Joke incorrectly with a co-worker and you can lose your job for some sort of sexual  harassment.

  But you can prance your child onstage, looking like a hooker and it’s OK.

On the other hand, if you prefer to not wear clothing, out of public sight, behaving well, you’re considered to be some kind of pervert.

Something is seriously wrong here.  And nudists are the problem?

Beauty Pageants  The Thoughtful Naturist

Update:  We’ve received some comments regarding this posting from folks who disagree.  That’s great; we’re expressing our opinion here and expect you to have your say.   Our position, being irrefutable and obvious, may nonetheless be vigorously defended;  that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage your comments!


3 Responses

  1. So, do you expect parents to put their young girls in football uniforms and send them out to compete against the boys? Males love sports and females love adorning themselves in clothes and jewels. Dads dress their young sons in sports paraphenalia and mothers doll up their girls. Anyone, including you, who thinks young girls are tarts or look sexy is the sick one. I have seen some very beautiful young girls but I would never describe them as sexy. They are the epitome of innocent beauty no matter how they are dressed!

    Admin: Well, Ken, see what happens when you surf the net using keywords like ‘little girl nudists’? You might accidently get a legitimate naturist site that feels that exploitation of children is wrong, and that sexual exploitation is worse. You see, sexy clothes serve no purpose other than to sexually attract; that’s what they’re for! Heavy makeup and tiny swimsuits, halter tops and slinky gowns belong to adult women seeking to attract men (or impress other women!), not little girls who ought to be attracting kittens.

    We can understand how you might feel a bit out of your element here; as nudists we see that, other than for protection, clothing mainly serves some purpose that ultimately leads to power over others or sexual attraction. Your obvious love of little girls dressed up like sexy grownups demonstrates this point perfectly. For your own reasons, whatever they are, you are turned on by little girls and their innocence instead of their mothers. Hopefully you will keep this under control and stick to looking at pictures, elsewhere.

    If we’ve totally misunderstood your orientation, we apologize. Once in a while creeps slip in here and feel compelled to try to justify their perversions, and you DO sound creepy with your strange fondness for little girls and their fancy clothes…

    But thanks for the comment! – Angie


  2. I am a ASA/AANR nudist since 1974. I resent your statement that I am “turned on by little girls.” I am not. I simply recognize that, whether nude or dressed up, little girls and little boys are totally innocent and beautiful – yes, little boys too. I just think that people like you, who see little girls that are dressed up as “tarts,” need to re-evaluate your mind-set. Do you call kids who dress up for Halloween little monsters?

    Even women at nudist parks “dress up” in that they comb their hair and shave under their arms. And when it gets cool, some even adorn articles that some might think are sexy. Does that mean they are tarts? Or on the make? I don’t think so. They just do not see clothes making a difference in “who they are.” And these adult women do not necessarily sit like “ladies” at all times. Do that make them tarts? No, they are just beyond worrying about nudity of the body.

    I suppose, like other female nudists of you ilk, that you think photographs that show a woman’s exposed vulva are crotch shots; lot of female nudist do. But they don’t consider a photograph of a male totally exposing his genitals to be a crotch shot.

    It’s a similar prejudice. Little girls are not tarts. Get that straight – no matter how they are dressed!

    Whether clothed or not, little girls are innocent no matter what “costume” they are wearing!

    Admin: Um, ok. You may have missed the point that it is the PARENTS that deem it necessary to ‘tart up’ their children; it’s not any lack of innocence on the child’s part. Kids love to dress up, the question is why adults would want their babies made up to look like sexy adults, then show them off to strangers. This is good for kids?

    You equate little girls in bikinis, make-up, and high heels with women’s shaved armpits and photo crotch shots (yes, that IS what they’re called, and banned from any legitimate nudist publication). Never looked at it quite that way before. Never once, looking at our four year old daughter, did it ever occur to think of women’s (or men’s) crotches. It takes a certain special mind-set to do so, we’re thinking.

    And it takes a ‘special’ type of parent to encourage their child to participate in an activity which exploits their innocence by turning it into a means of being child/womanly attractive to the type of folks who are attracted to, well, little girls using their bodies that way.

    Interesting point of view, and you may be a very nice guy that we’d be happy to leave our grandkids with but… no. Not when there’s plenty of folks who think childhood belongs to children and adult forms of self-expression belong to those old enough to choose what form that expression might be. As parents we discourage our kids from having sex at too young an age; should we really be teaching them to strut a runway while they’re in Kindergarten? Aren’t children sexualized enough as it is on TV, music videos, and clothing ads? What kind of parent wants that to begin even earlier, then goes to the extremes of the child beauty pageant circuit to do it? Not us.

    Thanks for the comment, though we disagree. There are many different opinions on any topic and frank discussions can sometimes lead to common ground. In this case perhaps not, but at least the viewpoints can be shared and possibly understood.


  3. Let’s please live in reality! It’s not just men that find little girls attractive in a sexually stimulating way. Women are guilty of the same thing. There are many women pedophiles out there, so lets not drop all the baggage on men!



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