Cooking Naked

Angie cooking jpeg   So Angie’s making supper (biscuits and sausage gravy!  Yum!) and, as usual, is rebuffing my helpful suggestions.  She says she’s making them just like her Grandma used to make them.  But Grandma wore  big wrap-around aprons like Aunt Bea in Mayberry, and Angie’s naked.  Uh, oh.   Grandma’s probably rolling iAngie cooking nude jpegn her grave.  Or laughing and saying ‘You GO girl!’

  We agreed that an apron to protect your clothes is a good idea, but it’s a better idea to cook in the nude because skin is easy to clean and get’s a shower often anyway.  Saves on laundry expenses and is good for the Earth!  Yet another benefit of nude living!

That said, when cooking bacon…

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