‘Jennie’s Palette’ Nude Art

  Contemporary Figurative Artist Jennie RosenbaumJennie is a ‘web friend’ of ours, a displaced Yank living in the LSerpentineand Down Under.   She’s an artist that tends towards nudes, leans toward that sort of thing herself, is married to a great guy (so she says), and like all of us is contending with this global recession.

Hubby’s job situation, a recent move, and the need to deal with physical problems caused by a traffic accident have not stopped her from producing beautiful works of art.

 Ova  - 24We have one of them (Ova) hanging on our wall and it is a source of joy each day.  The texture and subtle colors are not nearly appreciable in photos.  We gaze by minxdragonlove it!

  So, here’s a few examples of her work, please go to her site to see more.  If you see something you want, you can spend quite a few bucks or very little, depending on your budget.  You’ll find that Jennie is very accommodating and will do all she can to make it work for you.  And you’ll make a friend.

Her Websites:  Jennie’s Palette  (blog)     Jennie’s Artwork

(ps.  If you scroll past and ignore all the Twitter stuff on her blog you’ll find a lot of good writing about art and how it relates to society and nudity in general.)

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