Wow.  We’re often amazed and appalled at some of the the things we see.  The sickness in some people’s minds.

Just ran across some blogs by angry disgusted persons feeling the need to share it with the world.

 One was about a Facebook posting that featured breastfeeding women.  How revolting, all those exhibitionists!  “Nursing moms are obscene”…

  Another was all about how awful it was for this woman to go to a health club, opreggersn pregnant woman night, and be subjected to the sight of all those pregnant women! 

“One pregnant woman is fine… but when a mob of 15 pregnant women on the brink of having their water break enter the room…all nude…it’s enough to make anyone panic.”   How icky!

With these kinds of sentiments out there, how can we nudists ever expect to be accepted as even semi-normal?  These folks aren’t religious nuts, they’re just totally repulsed by the human body.  Poor them. 

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10 Responses

  1. After reading your comments about the angry and disgusted bloggers I decided to read said blogs in the interest of fairness. I mean, surely they couldn’t be as thoughtless as you described.

    So I did, I read them. It made my head hurt.

    You owe me an aspirin, Steve. And a Big Mac.


  2. Big Macs are bad for you, have a gin and tonic instead…


  3. […] the way. Apparently I have a sick mind – the blogger All Nudist was seemingly offended by my post regarding the naked pregnant women mob at the swim pool. Dear All […]


  4. I don’t think you understood the point of Vik’s post (the second link to the blog you’ve castigated). She was remarking how it’s annoying; and it is annoying, unless you’re a nudist. To say that she is deliberately attacking nudists is a stupid strawman fallacy. Very juvenile.

    Western Society imposes clothes on us; you can’t really blame members of society for their conformity or their alleged prejudices. They’re going on the only thing they know best. Most people will feel icky surrounded by people they have little in common with. Get used to it.


  5. Vik’s posting states very clearly that it was naked PREGNANT women that annoyed her, not just nude people in general. That’s the sad part.

    We don’t feel ‘icky’ surrrounded by folks that wear clothes, nor those of a different color or nationality. And we don’t blame others for their predjudices, we pity them and try to educate them. Hence, this website.

    We offer legitimate information for nudists and interested textiles alike. We also point out glaring examples of attitudes that are foreign, or a threat to our lifestyle. That includes the actions of other so-called nudists.

    You see, no one is trying to make you be nude, but many people would force us to wear clothes at pain of imprisonment. We would love to go about our daily business as we wish, but we are criminals if we try.

    So pardon us for being a bit sensitive when we see things that excoriate the simply naturally nude human body. That attitude, to any degree, perpetuates the
    social fear of our differences.


  6. I understand what you’re trying to say – and I’m glad you’re fighting discrimination, but I remain adamant that you’re ignoring Vik’s initial assertion that she has no problem with nudity – let alone pregnant nudity. She just felt uncomfortable; you can’t force people to feel comfortable.

    It is also worth mentioning that Nudists have chosen a lifestyle choice that is quite provocative in today’s society. I’m not justifying intolerance, but I seriously doubt you’d be able to change people’s mindset. Again, I think you should consider the conformist nature of this argument.


  7. Let’s say once again, Vic made it very clear that the problem was with nude prengant women. That is obvious. That’s her choice of words. Is one nude pregnant woman ok? Two? What is the limit of decency?

    Yes, we have chosen a lifestyle that challenges the ‘norm’. During the last 8 years we’ve also have Democrats in the US challenging the Rebublican ‘norm’.

    So have folks in the UK that don’t agree with Tony Blair. Challenge and change are how we grow.

    Our posting was simply about a couple of examples of people that had, to us, sad ideas about nudity. That’s all.
    Vic seems like a nice person, but her inhibitions and her public expression attracted our attention. That’s all. No biggie.

    When you post things for the world to see you have to expect the world to see it, and react. So here we are.
    We appreciate your comments, Don’t think we’re quite connecting yet but maybe getting closer. That’s good.
    Thanks for being here! A & S


  8. She didn’t have a problem. She felt awkward. I can’t blame her…conformity is everywhere, especially for teenagers like me and her. But I think it quite silly that you devote half a blog post to challenge one statement like that. I think a more effective catalyst for social change might be protesting or targeting antagonistic politicians.


  9. Reubon, it’s been fun chatting with you but it’s getting old. Suggest you actually READ Vic’s posting about how repulsed she is by pregnant women and just about anything else she has to see often. She’s a head case.

    She persisted in repeating this ‘annoying’ situation every week for a YEAR for Godsake before feeling the need to change her schedule, and then needed to tell the world that it took her that long to conceive of a solution. This is a mental giant?

    Most people will quickly figure out that if Monday Night Football is on TV every Monday at 7:00, and they don’t like football, then they should not WATCH channel 3 at 7:00 on Monday nights! Duh!

    As far as us wasting our time, that’s what we do here. We waste our time helping folks find what they’re looking for and expressing our opinions.

    You see, this is OUR blog and we can do whatever we want. And whole scads of people think we’re doing ok.

    Vic is also free to do what she wants, including making herself look like a narrow-minded twit if she wishes. More power to her. And she obvioulsy has a similiar-minded following, such as yourself.

    So go back to your narrow little world, see only that which you wish to see, and complain about that which you don’t want to see.

    Thanks for writing, come back again someday when you actually have something valid to say, and tell your friends about All Nudist! Bye!


  10. We’ve stopped posting Reubon’s blather but just got a notice that they’re stilled pissed. One of the reasons we don’t post comments from them anymore is that typical postings refere to us saying: “They can’t even bother to remove their sweaty privates from their inner thighs long enough…” …

    Well, you get the idea of why we don’t post all the stuff submitted. They just don’t get it. And we don’t need it.

    And, from the sound of it, they’re too busy fooling around with their sister to learn how to write.

    But maybe you get the idea of the original blog. Intolorance and acceptance.

    Ps. Don’t know about you but our ‘privates’ ARE kinda attached to our inner thighs, sweaty or not…


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