“Nudist” Websites, Nude Children

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When we’re at the beach, or a nudist campground, whatever, it’s always nice when there’s kids around.  Happy little squirts running around bare-assed just like Nature intended and as we wish we could have been when we were little.  And older kids, around puberty and beyond, lovely young people.  Simple beauty, simply happily nude.

That’s ok, no prob.  Pervs we’re not but there is innocent beauty in life, in young joy.

“Nudist” websites.  “Family Nudism” sites.  What’s the deal?  Page after page of adolescent girls naked.  Oh yeah, cute. sure.  But how many pages of naked little girls do you need to get the “idea” of “family” nudism?

Is this something that a “real” naturist wants to ogle?  Or pay for a subscription so they can see the better stuff?  Where is the kiddie porn line drawn?

If you click on some of the links on this site you will find examples of this.  Those sites are linked because they are major nudist sites and/or also have useful info, but some of  them are very exploitive, using pretty naked women and children as a draw.

We don’t endorse their message, that’s for you to decide.

We all like pretty naked men or women, our nudist orientation aside, but kids?  Isn’t it pushing credibility a bit to have whole websites, or big parts of sites, devoted simply to naked little girls?

There are plenty of places to find pics of sexy naked people on the ‘net, why do these (highly successful) sites have to pretend that they are part of our lifestyle?  Why do respectable naturist organizations connect to them?

This posting is just begging for pics and links, it would be so easy, but no.  You know what we’re talking about, you know where they are.

We feel that all this junk out there, under the guise of “nudism/naturism” is nothing more than thinly disguised soft porn, representing itself as “mainstream” naturism.

And that damages our image.  If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know that we’ve covered a lot of different aspects of our lifestyle, but the basic idea that connects us all is just the sheer joy of nudity.

We are nudists.  We prefer to not wear clothes.  We all agree on this.  We have our own differences after that, our own directions, but the last thing we need is this internet crap that paints us as pedophiles, or as simply interested in pretty naked girls pretending to be “nudists”.

It would be good if the major nudist/naturist organizations, and every smaller group, openly condemned these sites.  Made it clear that they do not represent our lifestyle and that their exploitation of children, and adults, is simply wrong.

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  1. Reblogged this on Logan the Pen Dragon and commented:
    This essay really ties in with my essay (CREATIONIST/CHRISTIAN NATURISM: Is Public Nudity A Sin?) which is posted on this Blog. I agree 100% with the content of this essay.

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  2. You’re very perceptive. I have visited literally HUNDREDS os websites trying to find legitimate Nudist/Naturist sites and to date have found less than a dozen. Child pornographers have saturated the Internet under the facade of ‘Nudism/Naturism’ taking advantage of U.S. Law as established by the Supreme Court. I’ve no problem with nude children and/or photos of them in proper context, but most of the published images on these sites are obviously posed to suggest the sexuality of the young girls/boys depicted as “Nudists/Naturists” and do NOT show the children acting normally as children.

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