Melting Pot

Angie unintentionally gave me this idea.  I told you she’s my muse!

  We’ve discussed the various types of folks and the many varied lifestyles of those that lay the claim to the righteous status of nudist or naturist.  We’ve tried to explain why we consider some to be true nudist/naturists (of different sorts) and why some simply use that venue for their own purposes.

But that term, melting pot.  I like that.  America is a melting pot of many diverse cultures, united in one common belief:  the American Dream.  The idea that with hard work and persistence we can succeed, and we  acknowledge that while we are not the same, we can accept the differences as longtattoo-1 as we share a common goal.  An ideal perhaps, but a worthy one.

Most of us accept those differences, as nudists.  But many of us carry the old fear of anything ‘different’.  As if we nudists aren’t ‘different’!

Society fears us because we don’t think the same way they do.  Should we follow that example and fear those among us that think differently?

Gay nudists.  Lesbian nudists.  Swinger nudists.  Ugly nudists.  Tattooed nudists. PiercedShaved.  Bi-nudists. Old nudists.  Nudists of color.  Single nudist men.   Exhibitionist nudists.   Have I missed any?  Fill in the blanks.

That which we all have in common is the sheer joy of the nudist/naturist lifestyle.  Some folks misbehave, and that removes them from the ‘true’ category.  But the rest?

Living their lives according to that which is real to them.  Different but, equal?

So let us celebrate our differences, try to learn tolerance for each other, embrace the differences.  Welcome and talk to that ‘different ‘person, learn something.  Share something.  Grow.  Don’t be afraid.  After all, we’ve been brave enough to get this far, right?

And in the process create a united front to put forth to the world.  Like the United States.  Separate entities, different cultures, united together to face the world.

A melting pot.  Where various different elements are mixed together to create something which is better than each individual component.  United we stand!

Thanks Angie!

11 Responses

  1. I like the nudist melting pot idea. It carries the acceptance idea just a little bit further.

    Can I add to the list? Let’s see… clothed nudists and nudist who don’t even know they’re nudists,


  2. Melting Pot is a Great description of who we should be, ” united we stand”.


    Admin: When you think of a melting pot you can either think of a bunch of mixed up stuff, or you can remember that iron is strong but if you add carbon, it becomes steel. Toss in a little chromium and you’ve got stainless steel!


  3. Thanks for resurfacing this post. It’s as relevant as it ever was. Instead of focusing on the differences and griping about everything that’s wrong, we should all jsut get naked and chill out together.


  4. Thanks to both Steve and Angie. That was a warm and “melting” read.Wil


  5. The melting pot, don’t we nudist still have holes in that pot about Single nudist and LGBT nudist


  6. It’s an ideal we can try to live up to; not all are capable of that. But we must keep trying, right? The alternative is far worse. 🙂


  7. true, but I think Nudism has a long way to go in being accepting of single nudist and LGBT nudist as well


  8. That’s true. The single male issue will probably never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction since it’s based on just cause with a long history to back it up. The LGBT aspect will depend a lot on whether a way is found to control the behavior of some of those folks. You can’t blame people for prejudices created from first-hand experience, and many, many nudists/naturists have had their fill of bad gay male behavior. Human nature dictates that stereotypes will exist when there is indeed a basis for them.

    The first step in being accepted by any community is to act according to that community’s standards, and some people refuse to do so. They will never be welcomed and they reflect poorly on their brethren who will suffer the consequences. Sorry it has to be that way, but that’s life. “One bad apple”…


  9. It would take time for nudism to accept single nudist and LGBT nudist. Though I won’t hold out any hope cause I know some nudist still hold views against singles and LGBT people.


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