Magic, Dreams, Nude, Life

It’s been kind of a magical weekend.  Beautiful weather, our son (my stepson) is here, life is good.

little country I’ve been reading a book, ‘The Little Country’ by Charles de Lint, a marvelous mix of magic, romance, music and folklore.  Sheer delight!  The book evokes such a sense of wonder that it remains after closing the cover.  The feeling lingers on into real life, and enlivens it.

This weekend Angie has learned things about her son she never knew before, and found (to her delight!) that she was actually feeling jealous of the bond forming between her husband and her son.  Poor thing, she was feeling left out!  Too much testosterone in one room, so we had to talk to her too.

How wonderful and extraordinary, how magical, that a stepfather and stepson could become so close.

But, after I went to bed she stayed up with him most of the night shooting the breeze, dancing, IMG_3492 eating homemade chicken soup and watching movies.  Good mom!

Actually, it’s been that way since she and I met.  Our kids like each other and us!

Amazing.  We do have a daughter (mine) who pretty much considers us personas-non-grata at this time (we were not allowed at her wedding, if that gives you an idea), but that will fade as she realizes that no one has the right to judge others by the standards that you assign to them.  She takes after her mother in that way.  God help her…

Don’t get me wrong.  Her mother (not Angie) is a good woman, a terrific person (what the hell, I married her once, didn’t I?), but just very judgmental.  ‘Conditional love’ sort of thing.  Ah well, what did I say about expectations?  I love the girl, deeply.  Someday she’ll come home.

Angie has receIMG_3448ntly gotten into Facebook and is connecting with sisters, kids, my kids, cousins, friends, whatever, in a whole new way.  She loves it!  It’s almost magical  the way the walls come down when communication is made so easy.

I woke up early today, as is usual on days when I could sleep as long as I wanted.  Woke Jimmy up on the couch and we watched ‘The Departed’, great movie.  Just put him back to bed upstairs.  Love that kid.  I mean, I love that kid.  It’s been very strange picking up a new family and almost magical realizing that I actually love this woman’s kids as I do my own.  Wow.

They say that we have an endless capacity for love, if only we allow it.  Maybe that’s true.

The standard  naked dream (shifting gears!) is usually something like finding yourself at school without your drawers.  Not a fun thing.  Haven’t had that particular one for a long time, but I’m often nekked in dreams.  Usually it’s somehow OK, sometimes a bit Gina-Lorenz awkward.  But nothing bad ever comes from it.

Sex dreams .  They’re cool, never enough of them!  A recent study says that women’s sex dreams are more huggy-kissy; men’s are, well, about sex.  That figures.  Romance novels vs. porn videos.  All men are pigs.  That’s why women love us!

Funny thing about my naked dreams, they’re generally not sexy (damn!).  They tend to follow the idea of nudism/naturism, if not in the normal nudist private environment.  They’re just not sexy.  They have a sort of magical feeling about them, but definitely not sexy.  Either the other people in the dream don’t notice I’m nude or they’re nude also, or I need to kind of sneak around because I know it’s not the right time and place.  But no sex, dammit!  Have I become so much of a true nudist that, even in my dreams, I separate nudity from sex?

When is naked sexy; when isn’t it?

Angie’s going to write an article with an interesting take on the subject.  Watch for it.

Still, are drmagiceams not some sort of magic?  Reality where it isn’t?  A personal motion picture and you’re the star?

Sometimes I have a lot of ideas boiling around in my head, they tend to wind up in a ‘Christmas letter’ like this one.  Forgive me, I try to be a bit shorter in the verbiage (fail), usually.  I guess if you made it this far, it’s ok.  Maybe we’ll talk about flying dreams another time .  Naked flying dreams, of course.

And maybe, magic

Time for a nap now, bye!  – Steve

3 Responses

  1. Gee, where do I start? There’s so much in this post! I’ve only got the one wife (33 years next month) and I get along well with the kids (one just around the corner and the other moved back in). Not only that, but I’m guaranteed to get the grandkids at least once a week for an evening of quality time.

    I don’t usually remember my dreams and when I do, they usually fade before I can write them down. My nude dreams usually fall in the nudist/naturist genre too.


  2. Years ago I heard a radio interview with the author of a book that claimed that you could learn to ‘program’ your dreams. Essentially, dream whatever you want.

    Wouldn’t THAT be cool! Why would you want to wake up?

    Then again, we could get metaphysical and debate the various forms of reality concepts, what’s real and what isn’t. What makes our daily life more real than a dream?

    And, oh boy, I could talk your leg off about the week-long hallucination I lived through while in a coma. Whew! THAT was a doozie! But it was absolutely real, at the time. And, scarily, for a time afterwards…

    What about high heels and why women go through the discomfort of… oh, wait a sec, that’s coming from ‘House’ that’s on the tube in the background. Think we’re a little off topic here.

    Rick, give your honey a hug for me, you’re a lucky man. And that means something coming from a man that’s been lucky three times!

    It just took me a little longer to find the right one. My Angie.

    Then there’s that thing about red blood cells and hotel rooms…oops, ‘House’ again. Maybe I should just go now. – Steve


  3. Dreams depend on what you often do.

    The older generation that used to watch a lot of black & white TV shows, often dream in black & white. Even more strange is a few friends that I have that read a lot. Sometimes, they dream in text — as-in, they are reading the action in their dream, and all they see is the text.

    So I’d imagine that people who spend all day in the nude, would have dreams in which they are nude.


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