Angie’s Naked Talent

bag lady I have a hidden talent and the time has come to pull it out, brush it off and put it to good use.  With our world seemingly crashing around us and people panicking over lost jobs and unpaid bills, I’ve found my forte.

What is this hidden treasure?  I don’t have a talent for making money so that’s out.  (That’s Steve’s department.)  I can’t be a comedian because, although I think I have a great sense of humor, I can’t tell a joke to save my soul and we all know that when times are really, really bad we have to laugh.  (This, too, is Steve’s department.)  So what can I do to help us through this economic slump? (‘Slump’ – a nice way to say we’re all screwed.)

My talent?  I know how to be poor!  I’ve been training for this moment most of my food   This is great!  It was actually getting pretty boring being able to buy anything I wanted to eat at the grocery store.  It didn’t take any great planning or ‘talent’.   Now it’s like an adventure.  Clip those coupons, check the prices at the store for the best deals and figure out how to make it healthy.  (Steve is actually better at this, but I want to hog all of the credit – sorry sweetie.)

Need a neflint carw coat or pants?  Go to St. Vinnie’s or Goodwill and get gently used –  sometimes new – clothing.  Put a couple of hundred dollars in repairs for your old beater car and keep on driving it.  Yes, it’s bad for the environment & the gas mileage is terrible but we don’t have car payments & we’ll have to walk more.  The environment will just have to wait a couple of more years.  They say this is putting big car dealers, clothing and appliance stores under  the bankruptcy gun but I really don’t care about them right now.  I know that people are losing their jobs because of people like me but I don’t care about them right now either.  Survival of the fittest.  Sounds heartless but I need to take care of me and mine at this point.   sale tag

I will commiserate with all others who are hurting out there with a kind word or a shoulder to cry on but get out of my way if I see a sale bin!

Oh, and I called this Angie’s Naked Talent because, although it really has nothing to do with nude living, I did write it while nude.  Does that count?  Sorry for the ruse.  😉    – Angie

4 Responses

  1. Actually, driving an old car is good for the environment because of the resources that went in to making it. (Buying a new hybrid puts out tons of carbon from the factory to make it, so driving an old car until it dies is actually better.)

    Also, I hope you guys are tuning in to Craigslist and Freecycle. Both are great places to get cheap (or free) stuff.

    Lastly, remember that buying something on sale is more expensive than not buying it at all. I have to remind my girlfriend of that quite often…


  2. I think I’m pretty suited to this as well. I was raised in a thrifty, resourceful family. I’ve been living a typical American life for a while, but I still remember the way I was raised, & hopefully I can shift back.


  3. Maybe schools should have classes in how to live as a poor person.


  4. Thanks for the info, All Naturist. Those are good things to know. (let’s not tell Steve about the “not buying it at all” idea!)
    And Local, it’s like riding a bike. You never forget but you might fall off once in awhile.


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