Men, Nipples, &… Extraterrestrials?

Or; ‘What do Breasts and Extraterrestrials Have in Common?’

All-Nudist has MOVED to!

Um, ah, not exactly sure how to go about this.  Go has been pretty well accredited as a legit organization since it’s inception.  Haven’t looked into it much since it’s not directly related to the nudist lifestyle, but added a link to it on All Nudist.

thumb_male_torso Checked in there today to see what’s going on, part of the job and all, and ran across this article.

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I’m a sucker.  A cynical sucker, but I’ll believe anything someone tells me until proven otherwise.   A bit too trusting, maybe.

I told Angie about this article and she asked if perhaps they were just being tongue-in-cheek?  OK, that’s fair, maybe I’m just missing the joke.

Looked around some more and found… more.  Maybe they’re serious.

Especially since the guy that is the site’s founder is the man who met the aliens…

I’m certainly the last one to criticize someone else’s belief’s, but it seems that if an organization is seeking credibility in a controversial area, the last thing they might want to do is associate themselves with the belief that aliens created mankind.

Maybe it’s just me, but it would seem appropriate to tone that idea down.thumb_img_7659

Asking the world to accept topless women is radical enough, but to suggest that we are lab experiments of spacemen?  Gee, I just don’t know if that helps the image…

Anyway, it’s a fun site with a good cause, even if they seem a bit kooky to me.  I just wish the term ‘cult’ didn’t come to mind so much.

intelligent_icon   Of course, that opinion comes from a guy that loves nothing better than running around naked with other people!   And who also puts the plausibility of Santa Clause popping down the chimney, Jesus arriving in a golden chariot, or a flying saucer landing in the backyard as equal possibilities.  Each would equally delight and amaze me, and each is equally probable in my mind.   – Steve

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2 Responses

  1. Aliens, huh? Lab experiments? I dunno.


  2. More nudists need to support the topfree equality movement. There are only 2,163 signers on the “Women’s constitutional right to go topless in public” petition. I know there are more nudists then this! A lot of people would sign it if they knew. (search engine finds it easily)
    Another idea I have is writing on money (i write it real small since writing on money is sort of bad). If more people know about it more will sign the petition.


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