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cover breasts   Picture this:  You’re a first time nudist, attending a reputable landed nudist club’s winter hotel party.  You’ve been assured that your ideas about social nudity are inaccurate, formed by a biased thrill seeking media and repressive upbringing.  Still, you want to find out what it’s all about and this seems like a safe place to do it.  You trust your nudist friend(s) who suggested this as a good way to test the water with good people.

Society has taught you that nudists are kinda strange, kinky and all about sex.  Your friend(s) assure you that this is not the case.  So you go for it.

It takes a lot of nerve to undress and join the group around the pool.  Surprisingly, nobody seems to notice that you aren’t wearing clothes.  Actually, most of them ignore you.  Some say hi, that’s about it.  You relax a bit, try the pool and hot tub.  Chat with folks.  They seem pretty normal, even if they are naked!

Hey, this isn’t so bad!  Food to snack on, dinner later, then DJ.  Hmm, this is all right!

But wait, why are these women gyrating somewhat sexually towards the audience?  What’s this?  Then someone wants to put edible jell on a woman’s nipples, and someone is supposed to suck it off now, here?  And that one group of  folks, from a different club, very friendly, really want you to come and visit them at their club?  Is it because they like you a lot or…?   They seem a little bit too friendly.  Like an Army recruiter.  Or a pimp.  Same thing.

Very confusing.  Weren’t you told that real nudists are just folks that like being nude, socially?  That the sex aspect was not a part of the social  activities?

Isn’t this supposed to be a setting where you can be yourself, naturally, without feeling like a pinup?  Or a target?

So maybe you say, screw it.  It is just like everybody says.  Met some nice folks but you can never tell who’s on the prowl, or what they want.  The trust you hoped for is not there.  And you tell your friends.  And they tell their friends.  And the bad rap continues.

This is so damn sad.  It’s not some fantasy, it’s a real life scenario that does not belong in our lifestyle.  A well-intentioned group of dedicated nudist/naturists hold an event for true nudists, and a few folks who don’t quite know how to behave show up.

It is hoped that the sponsors of this occasion will take note and perhaps make behavioral rules a bit more understandable to the participants.  Don’t get us wrong, the sponsors are great people, terrific.  None better.  Maybe they just need to be a bit more discriminating in who they allow to attend and make the rules more clear as to what social nudism is supposed to be.

This is not an isolated incident.  Some folks who are attracted to nudism also participate in other non-nudist activities and feel free to combine them on occasion.  They are entitled to live their chosen lifestyle, but a gathering of real nudists is not the time or place do do so overtly.  A little self-control is in order.

Many thanks to Academic Naturist for the inspiration for this posting.  This is a topic which we feel very strongly about.

2 Responses

  1. Another question a newbie might ask is: Why are a bunch of the women wearing stuff? Some were fairly dressed up (although still revealing) for being at a nudist event.


  2. Having experienced at least a few nudist venues, it seems that women, being women, still like to spruce themselves up for party events. They get to dress sexy and show even more than they can in real life.

    It kinda get’s to that sticky line between pure nudism and something else. Hey, we’re people. Everything in it’s place. Problem is defining that place.

    It hasn’t been long since nudist venues had problems accepting peircings or tattoos. Or shaving, for that matter. Ankle bracelet ok? Earrings? Nipple rings? Nipple jewelery? Penis jewelery? Lipstick?

    It’s difficult to define just where simple nudity ends and personal expression begins. What’s just fun, what’s kinda sexy (and is that ok?), and what is overtly sexual?

    Party time? Ladies feel like being sexy? Right circumstances? Is that any different than in real life?

    We’re never going to figure out where that line is. Evening adult party, kids should be in bed, grownups having fun, so?

    Picture a nightclub, even a wedding. Everybody wants to look and feel good. It’s a social event. Everybody wants to look their best.

    Same with nudists. It’s fun to non-dress up!

    And again, there’s a time and a place.

    Any event involving social nudism should have clear guidelines about all these things. That way, everyone will know what to expect and need not be offended, or may choose not to attend.


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