Naked Kids Summer Camp

There’s been a bit of a fuss about this subject now and then, usually when some local politician needs a cause to rally to.

There are nudist families, and there are nudist families where only Mom and Dad are nekked, secretly.  A lot of us hide our naturist side for various reasons; the lucky (smart?) ones raise their kids that way from the start.  Some of those folks send their kids to summer camp (just like real people) but nudist summer camp. Sure wish my parents had!

This absolutely outrages some people. Children subjected to being around other naked children? Sin! Sex! Pedophile counselors? What happens in these places? God only knows.

As usual, it’s just a lot of ignorant bluster from people that don’t know anything about the subject.  Since they themselves cannot separate the idea of nudity from sexuality, they assume that is the case for everyone.  ‘Joe Legislator’ knows that pictures of little girls make him feel queasy inside, so of course everybody else must get all hot and bothered over naked little girls!  ‘Joe’ also is very aware that he can tap that emotion in the voters by grabbing some headlines with his campaign to rid the world of those ‘dens of iniquity’.  And you know what?  No one is going to dispute his charges of immorality because to do so would make them appear to be supporting pedophiles!

Nevermind that naked summer camps are just like any other except for that little nudity issue which bothers the hell out of the textile public.  It doesn’t bother the kids; these kids are there because they’re comfortable in their bodies and already understand it’s a natural way of being.  No one has taught them to be ashamed of their bodies…yet.  The truth is: your kid is safer at a nudist summer camp than they are being an alter boy.

But this makes great tittalating news complete with children, sex, and nudity! Page one! Headlines!

The following article is written by a woman who says that she’s not a nudist (well, except at home with the family.  Uh huh.  Maybe a little denial there? ) and talks about her reaction to a local radio broadcast about an allegedNaked Kids Camp in her area.

Her head’s pretty much in the right place, too bad not everyone else’s is.

Naked Kid’s Camp

10 Responses

  1. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the AANR youth camps.

    Kids are probably safer at any family-friendly nudist venue than at its textile equivalent. Part of it might be that nudist have a greater sense of community and look out for one another.


  2. I wish I could work at the camp and, bring my kids.


  3. Nude kids camps are good.WHEN kids go on vacation,well,in my country,they are barefoot and bare chest…why not bare genitals,there is nothing wrong with it.What is it about genitals?What MAKES it bad,what is bad about it?Kids are more comfortable naked.I think its people with a guilty concience that appose nude youth camps


  4. i wnt pict

    Admin: U 1 sic puppy


  5. Nudist youth camps are good,and raising children as nudists are even better.When a child is raised a nudist,the curiosity aspect surrounding nudity is removed,and kids are taught that being naked,and the exposed genitals aren’t unique,and whether male or female,we all look the same and react the same.There is no shame in nudity!


  6. I think that nude is brillian i wish it was done in the uk ervry day we in the uk north wales place by the beach i hade got aressted a few times for being naked on the beach so i think the law should change for the better


  7. Were are the teenage nudist camp i have 2 teenage boys that hate wearing clothes and i like to tale them to one!


  8. Your best bet is to contact AANR to find an affiliated youth camp. We’ll post an article shortly with more info. Thanks for the question, it’s that time of the year!


  9. It would seem to me that pedophiles who embrace their perversion and are not already actively participating in the sexual abuse of a child, and therefore look to other means of gratifying their sexual perversion, would frequent nudist venues more than anything else because there isn’t many places in this world, especially in the free-world where a pedophile can go to find the nude-as-possible figure of a prepubescent child.


  10. Pedos don’t need to see a kid nude to get their rocks off; it’s the youth that counts.

    In a nudist venue, those who are there for the wrong reasons usually give themselves away and don’t last long, though there are notable exceptions.

    As anywhere, folks need to keep an eye on their kids and use common sense.


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