A Scathingly Brilliant Idea!

Well, maybe…

Views&Visions_15 Now, picture this:  certain Native Americans are allowed to use otherwise-illegal substances during religious rituals;  Muslim women have been known to have picture ID photos taken with their face covered; people are allowed to skip work for religious holidays; unnecessary cosmetic surgery (religiously inspired) is routinely performed on male newborns and Insurance providers are required to cover it;  it’s illegal to discriminate due to religious viewpoint; funerals (religious in nature) get to break traffic laws; religious nuts are allowed to disturb the peace screaming “God hates fags!” ; and much more.  A whole lot muslim more.

That’s because while America supposedly tries to maintain some separation of State and religion, Americans as a whole respect everyone’s right to practice their own version of it.  The underlying idea is freedom of expression, plus the understanding that if ‘they’ come for one, they can come for any.  Mutual defense.

So what if…

                         “The Universal Life Church of Naturism”

How does that grab ya?  We become a ‘religion’ (perhaps ‘belief system’ is better), non-denominational, with all the benefits and protections of any other.  The main premise could be that the human body, as representing the most highly developed example of sentient life on Earth,. should be appreciated and not hidden from sight.  To do so would be to say that we are a failure, too disgusting to look upon.

mom and kid   Or something like that.  How about the Sun as source of all life?  Is it right to deny the body exposure to that which nurtures it?  Of course not!  Promote physical well-being as a tenet of ‘faith’, but not a requirement?  Social nudism as a means of awareness of Community and diversity?  Crossing class barriers?  A more ‘green’ lifestyle?  Respecting the environment?

  And do we remember somewhere some mention of the body as the temple of God?  Do other religious folks have to hide their temples?

  Oh boy, this has potential.planet-apollo

  Imagine ULCN ‘churches’ nationwide, sharing information and helping each other  when in need.  Community support, so to speak.

Ok, maybe it’s a goofy idea, but what if…  

Maybe, just maybe, it could be one more tool in our self-defense of beaches and clubs that are threatened by folks less tolerant  of us than we are of them.

By the way, Steve’s a long-ordained minister and this could begin in a heartbeat, if only a few thousand folks would drop a comment saying ‘Go for it!’   😉

Yeah, riiiight!

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8 Responses

  1. i’m tweakin your great idea-but you got to have some kind of spirits or it wont work with politics. pagans or wiccans are official for soldier graves now.
    nudists need a sky god (nude outside) a earth god (lying naked in the grass) and a water god (skinnydippin).
    nudists using politics in 1st amendment expression is gettin us nowhere.


  2. Yeah, know exactly what you’re saying. Religions always have to have some sort of ‘image’ to worship. But we’re talking abut having an IDEA to, well, not exactly worship, but to strive for and believe in.

    It’s tough to offer a ‘religion’ that encompasses all others yet doesn’t fit with most. Somethng that all nudists can agree upon regardless of their individual religious beliefs. But something that we all feel.

    To be a nudist/naturist means that you have already made accomodations within your belief system to allow you be be socially nude. Surely we could work out a basic ‘religion’ that everyone could be comfortable with.

    No dogma, no gods, no Earth Mother, no Sun Worshipping, nada. No dieties. No ‘god’ image. Nothing to cnflict with other’s beliefs.

    As an athiest, I would have a hard time supporting an organization that worships anything. But I could embrace the idea of body freedom.

    That doesn’t mean that I can’t believe in something.

    Like a simple acceptance of the human body that doesn’t involve shame for having a human body.

    We’ve got to think out of the box, but , as you say, realize that the box is there. That’s politics. And worth considering.

    Here’s a funny thought: most religions offer answers to questions that their followers ask; as nudist/naturists we already know the answers. Hmm.

    This fun, more?


  3. hmm.. have you read stranger in a strange land at all? many of the thigns you mention sound a lot like the church of all worlds 🙂 oh, btw a cracking good read I love it!


  4. Amen, Brother!

    I have a piece of paper somewhere that says I’m an ordained minister and I’ve got a web page for the Temple of the Agnostic Savior which has the credo: “Not a religion, not organized, guilt-free, and clothing optional.” And I don’t offer any answers to anything.

    For what it’s worth…


  5. In Spain we consider nudity as an ideology, so in Barcelona, for example, it is legal to walk naked through the streets or in San Sebastian sunbathe naked on any beach city.

    Sorry for my English 🙂


  6. Hey Arturios, your English is a whole lot better than my Spanish!


  7. I’m with you on this, althought that this is an idea I’ve seen before, it seems that no-one had shaped correctly so far, so maybe this is its time. I’m not sure if for any religion or belief system it is mandatory to got a figure to worship, perhaps we could have the “supreme sense of freedom” as our “guiding spiritual force”… The problem is that it becomes seen as a sect instead of a formal religious group and we end up (continue?) marginated. As an ideology, the freedom of expression, belief, political view is guaranteed in many constitutions, but from that to acceptance usually there’s a huge gap, and in some as my country, even our basic freedoms are vanishing day by day.
    Anyway, I’m willing and able to sign in for this, great idea!

    Admin: Ok, all we need are a few hundred thousand more! And if we buy a politician or two we can avoid being called a sect!


  8. There have been many religions around the world who have included nudity as a part of their religion. The Janes in India, The Adamites in Europe a Christian sect, and in Ancient Egypt Ahkenahten worshipped the Sun God in the nude and so did his queen. The idea has merrit but will face certain resistence. I have gone to nude church services at a club in N. Carolina it was very pleasant.


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