Sex on the Beach, For Profit?

“ Prostitution is on the increase at nudist campa I have paid several women for sex there protect our children!!! It’s for adults not young girls to see such examples of ladies selling ass”   (author’s spelling, etc. not ours)

risk-hooker-old-condom-demotivational-poster   Oh, really?  Hmm.  News to us. Haven’t seen much of that, actually none. 

  Unmarried couples sharing a tent, cabin or room, yes.  Swingers getting together but not acting up publicly.  Gay guys misbehaving, but not where anyone can easily see them (they still shouldn’t anyway).

  Guess you could call all the above sinful, if you felt like it.

But hookers?  How would you even recognize them without short tight skirts, low bust lines, spiked heels and huge shoulder bags?  And where would they put their money?  Where would the ‘Johns’ carry it?  No mention that it would be be whole lot easier to pick one in in the traditional manner without having to add grounds fees on top of the cost.

But considering the authoritative source who believes “it’s for adults…to see suchbeach-hookers_17626 examples of ladies selling ass”,  and who knows from personal experience because “I have paid several women for sex there”,   I guess we stand corrected.  Right…

So next time we run into you at a nudist venue, if we seem to be staring at you it’s not because we’re ooglers, we’re just trying to figure out if you’re one of them hookers!

If you are, be careful with those high heels in the sand…

inspired by  comment #36 on    Saving

13 Responses

  1. I’m puzzled. If this “authorative” source is concerned about prostituion at nudist resorts and has paid several women for sex at these resorts, isn’t he part of the problem?

    Hookers don’t work where there’s no market for their services. That’s simple economics.

    Nudism is the great equalizer. Without clothes we can’t tell the banker from the truck driver from the hooker.


  2. Ya know, in my younger years, between marriages, had a couple of more-than-just-talk contact with ladies I ran into at the beach. I’d been aqainted with one for years, the other developed into a relationship that ended just prior to engagement. Call it middle-aged crazy, call it lonely people reaching out for affection. Call it what you want, but it sure as hell wasn’t prostitution. By either of us.

    Meeting someone at a nudist venue is pretty much like meeting someone anywhere. Maybe hormones run a bit amok, maybe you meet someone you really connect to and go from there. The only difference nudity makes is that neither can promise anything physical that just ain’t so. All cards face up.

    The biggest problem with anti-nudists is that those folks have a screwed up viewpint and feel that everyone should share it.

    Have to say though, Stephen, your whore buying, ‘protect the children but bad stuff is ok for adults’ attitude takes the cake for hypocracy, ignorance, and stupidiy all rolled into one!


  3. Unfortunately for the world, hypocrisy, ignorance, stupidity, and screwed-up viewpoints are much too common these days. Sadder still, they usually come as a package. Those poor, misguided souls. For many of them there is no hope but, still, we reach out to them.


  4. I MUST ADMIT I DID NOT READ THROUGH ALL COMMENTS, HOWEVER I HAVE BEEN A NUDIST SINCE 1965. i have been to most of the parks east of the mississippi, as far as prostitution goes, i have NEVER observed any thing that resembled a pick up in a park. further, i do not think that Steve knows any thing about bona fide nudism!!!~the definition of a nudist is aperson who is looking at another person to see what they are looking at. In my day you could get a list of good and bad parks. I think Steve was at a clothe optional beach. THIS IS NOT NUDISM..THERE IS NO CONTROL THERE, AND NO OWNERS TO THROW YOU OUT. It is to bad that people do not study nudism before they call them selves a NUDIST,,

    Admin response to ‘James’: Ahem. Sorry, still laughing! Folks, the only thing we ask of you is to please READ the postings before getting all in a tizzy. The only negative comments we’ve received at Allnudist have come from a few newcomers, like James here, who read maybe part of one posting, are unfamiliar with our writing style, and get totally bent out of shape. They tend to have a plethora of capitalized words and lack of punctuation in common.

    However, we DO care what you think and hope you’ll give it another try.

    As far as being ‘true’ nudists, whatever that is, I believe Angie and Steve qualify. We’ve been to resorts and parks east and west of the Mississippi, plus our beloved Mazo Beach, participated in AANR and TNS activities, built and maintained a website for a nationally recognized nudist organization, and established this site, which ranks highly among legitimate nudist websites. Our goal, our ONLY goal, has been to educate the public as to what the nudist lifestyle is really about, without the smut generally found in a Google search. Sometimes that requires tackling issues that are often left out by well-meaning naturists who are afraid of tarnishing the image.

    Nudist are people, and people misbehave sometimes. It’s better to point this out and work to rectify it rather than sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. The writer quoted in this ‘Beach…’ posting wanted nothing more than to slam nudists, one of those guys who surf the web left-handed seeking porn and run across something serious instead. We felt his comments needed to be addressed, humorously, since he’s such a jerk but still represents a lot of folk’s ideas about naturism. Apparently you misunderstood. Try again.

    To our regulars: Please comment on this. Is Steve full of shit (well, in this regards, anyway)? Are Angie and Steve really nudists? Is our sense of humor twisted enough to confuse some folks?

    C’mon folks, you know Steve’s condition. Please reply soon!

    And will someone please tell us what “…the definition of a nudist is aperson who is looking at another person to see what they are looking at.” means?


  5. Interesting … James’ definition of a nudist suggests that nudists have flexible necks. Let me explain, if you are looking at person A only to see who they are looking at (person B), then when you look at person B, you will be looking to see who they are looking at (person C) and so on … So by James’ definition of a nudist, it is someone who is constantly looking around from person to person.

    Aside from having fun with James’ comment, based on the way it is written, I would say … just ignore it.

    Stay warm Steve!


  6. I suppose I’ll weigh in… James seems to be agreeing with you that prostitution doesn’t exist in naturism. The problem is that he keeps talking.

    @James — Even now, you can still get a list of good clubs from either TNS or AANR. (My opinion is that TNS’s list is better, and AANR’s list is bigger.) Clothing-optional beaches ARE in fact nudism! There IS control that is maintained by the community (instead of an owner), and undesirables do get forced off the beach. If the beach community fails to maintain order, then the beach will cease to exist.

    The personal attack on Steve is completely unfounded. I’ve met them personally and can attest that they are good nudists and well respected by others, including the local organizations.

    @Rick — You need your glasses checked if you can’t tell the difference between a truck driver and a hooker.


  7. Well, well. Since it obviously is a newcomer to this site (and Internet?) you’d better just disregard the comment.
    However it is interesting to see how he, despite the effort, fails to communicate his point.
    Keep up the good work!
    Lots of love from Sweden


  8. I keep getting stuck on that “definition” I thought a very simple definition of a nudist was someone who is much more comfortable without clothes than with, evidently I am mistaken in this! looking seems to play no part in it.

    guys I think you are real nudists! I think that James sounds like a curious sort. the kind that would go to a nudist venue to look around, and possibly receive some validation if others look at him. perhaps he suffers from low self image and feels the need for validation in nude form and mistakenly believes others do too? perhaps that is the basis of his definition.


  9. I have family managing a nudest resort and we go quite often. Prostitution is nowhere to be found. I’ve been to the nude beaches here in FL and have heard of such a thing. It doesn’t even make sense, really.


  10. This is ridiculous in fact I think it is completely made up. So sad that we have to have these accusations leveled at us. I think this comes from misunderstanding and from all the wild ideas that outsiders make up. I have belonged to nudist groups for almost 20 years and never have I seen or even heard of such nonsense. Like someone else mentioned there are couples who I have seen kissing at a dance or something but then they go to their room or cabin. Nudists strive to decouple the links between nudity and sex. That doesn’t mean we don’t have sex it just means we don’t associate nudity directly with sex. That is the biggest argument against nudism why would we want to give others an excuse to condemn us?


  11. pick a beach… any beach not just nude a beach ANY beach look around… what will you find? … a few weirdos, a few blatantly rude folks that stare into your personal space, a few that act like A-holes. If you are on a nude beach this will be fuel for arch conservatives to lash out on nudists.
    I have a experienced some totally unacceptable behavior at both Haulover and Bonny Doon beaches but it was not due to it being a nude beach it was just the jerks going there. The key to stopping these people is to speak up and tell them they are not wanted here if they are going to act this way.


  12. JB,

    Good point. I’ve noticed more in-your-face behavior on textile beaches than on nude beaches. Textile beaches tend to be more hormone-laced than nude beaches; they are definitely not as peaceful and accepting of all types.



  13. I think we’re all pretty much in agreement that we see more rude, obnoxious, sexual and just plain bad behavior in the everyday world than in nudist venues. Maybe it’s peer pressure, maybe an extra effort to ‘behave’, whatever. It’s definately there!


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