Holding His Own

Hello everyone.  As it is so often with long hospital stays there is a lot of waiting, hoping, praying and boredom.  I hope you won’t mind if I use this down time to jot a few thoughts down.

Steve is in ICU fighting with his body to keep things going.  Very serious but at this moment he’s holding his own.  As it can be with some men he has always been a horrible patient (no offense to the gentlemen out there).  Even with a stubbed toe he wants constant attention and drives wives and family crazy with his demands.   Right now I would give anything to have him asking me for something to help him through this but the state of this health crisis leaves him fighting this on his own.  I think he’s stronger than he thought he was because he’s still hanging in there. 

I was a little upset with him in the weeks before the surgery because he insisted on getting powers of attorney for me, leaving lists of things I should know in case he didn’t come home and getting me up to snuff on the workings of his blog so I could carry on for him.  I called him a Drama Queen and argued that he was being silly – things were going to be ok.  Now I wish he could communicate so I could laugh with him that he’s doing this on purpose just to prove he was right.   That would be soooo Steve. 

Worse than that he kept begging to go somewhere naked and in the sun but after an aborted attempt to go to our nude beach I told him he couldn’t go out anymore until after the hospital.  He got so sick at the beach that day that several people had to help me get him back to the car.  I couldn’t handle that so I put my foot down about any more day trips.  What a bitch I am.  Guilty conscience? You bet.  But I’m holding on to the hope that this too shall pass and Steve & I will be at the Nude Car Show and at his favorite beach and Steve will be blogging like crazy again.  And of course, I would like you all to tell him what a great job I did in his stead – Ha.

Mo & Fluffy the Cats and Skippy the Dog are not too happy that their favorite person in the world to irritate is not around for them to bother.  So they pick on me when I’m home.  I’m a little nicer to them because I know in their little animal brains they know something ain’t right. 

And my final complaint is that I really hate having to wear clothes all day!  We were talking about how hard it is for Steve to have to cover up all the time and then I thought – ‘I have to wear a shirt, pants, underwear and shoes every day!’  He owes me big time for that and I hope it takes him 50 years to pay me back. 

He is everything to me so once again I am asking for good thoughts, prayers or whatever positive nude vibes you can send his way.  I know from some of your comments that we are not the only people who have gone through or are going through this type of thing so I, on behalf of Steve & Angie, send our best thoughts, prayers and vibes right back at ya.

8 Responses

  1. I can’t really put myself in your shoes but I can emphasize with you. My mother’s diabetes had her in and out of hospitals for countless surgeries for several years. Each time, she’d miracuosly pull through.

    It’s not easy to face the tasks involved with dealing the worst case scenario before it happens but it’s better to be prepared for it. I’m hoping Steve will pull through and you will have many more naked years together.

    Hang in there, Angie. I’m pulling for both of you. Yeah, it’s tough having to wear clothes. Sometimes we have to make sacrifieces.


  2. Hey guys,
    I very much hope that Steve pulls through this! He’s a great guy and has a great thing going right here. He may be a bit “out there” at times, but so am I. 🙂 We both wish him the best.

    On a similar note, Claude was going through some surgeries as well and is on the road to recovery. (I’m not sure if you guys knew that yet…) Steve had better follow suit — there’s a lot of summer left that he needs to get out and enjoy, and a lot of parties he can help dress me at through the winter!


  3. P.S. – Keep reminding him that the only way to get naked again is to get better! That should offer some modivation…


  4. Thanks A/N. I am glad to hear that Claude is recovering. She’s a trooper. Hopefully you will see all of us ‘old fogies’ at the beach or Winter party showing off their scars and telling their hospital horror stories. Keep the faith…
    (We are also counting on you to win another trophy at the Nude Car Show. We are looking forward to it!)


  5. I probably won’t get a trophy this year: 1. My girlfriend was planning to go to Wild West Days in our hometown, which happens to be scheduled the same weekend this year. 2. My girlfriend may have to work that weekend, so she probably can’t go to anything. 3. It’s very lonely going places without her, so I may or may not go to the car show. 4. If I go, I don’t want another trophy — someone else can win this time.

    Our plan was to skip the car show this year, and instead do some weekend camping (possibly with you guys) at VVRC. But, if you guys are at the car show, I may have to head that way too..


  6. Wow – “driving wives crazy”? Maybe one of those other wives can help with the blog too. 😉

    Hang in there and thanks for keeping the cyberworld up to date.


  7. I was offline for a few days and I was very upset when read that Steve experiences serious health problems in the hospital. The first few days after surgery are the most difficult and painful (for a patient and those who wait for his return from ICU). Please accept my wishes of recovery for Steve.


  8. I have just discovered your web sight. From what I have read so far, you have a loving community of friends. I am praying that Steve is fully restored soon.


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