No 1st Ammendment in Australia

 USA, Canada, S. Australia, Latvia, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland,Saudi Arabia, Poland…

A quick check of incoming visitors included folks from all those countries, all around the world.  Pretty cool, huh?

If we were selling Democracy, for instance, we could potentially reach billions of people to spread our message.  The same goes for any other political or religious thoughts we might have.  Or that anyone else with a computer wants to espouse.  This is the incredible freedom of the Internet, this ability of a rural Wisconsin couple, or anyone, to reach nearly the whole world with their ideas.

This freedom is essential to a growing world with tensions running at fever pitch.  Everybody’s got a bomb, just itching to use it on someone.

Wait a minute, not everybody wants to kill their neighbors, in fact most people would be happy enough to live and let live.  So who does want to drop it?  Governments, politicians, leaders right down to your town mayor, anyone with power and a desire for more.  Businessmen, arms manufacturers, military leaders (regardless of what they say).  Religious leaders.  They all want to drop it on someone. 

This is not most people, it’s just those who want something and will do anything to get it.

And that’s why the Internet must be silenced, at all costs.  There’s ‘way too much sharing of ideas and information, it becomes difficult to fool people enough to swallow your leadership if they can compare and discuss alternatives.  People must be kept ignorant and unable to share those ideas.  Our side is right, so everyone else must be wrong.  They must be, otherwise it might be difficult to start wars to kill them.

And that’s one thing all governments have in common:  They reserve for themselves the right to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

 Back to those visitors from around the world.  Does anyone think any of them want to kill each other?  Of course not.  But you know damn well that they would if their government, without Internet interference, convinced them that they’re not quite human, they’re the ENEMY.

  Well maybe I’m too optimistic but I think the Internet is going a long way towards that day when we are truely a global community, a community of fellow humans, people, not the ENEMY.

So it’s with sadness that we see that the government of Australia has created a system of internet control designed to quell anyone who dares step away from ‘accepted standards’.  Whatever those standards might be.  But don’t worry, just trust the government.

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UPDATE 9-23-10: It’s happening here in the US now, corporately.  Support Al Franken in his fforts to keep the ‘net free!   Net Neutrality

6 Responses

  1. I have some friends in Australia, and when they told me about their country’s “clean feed” initiative, I knew it was going to be trouble. If this isn’t fought tooth and nail, it’s just a matter of time before the most powerful tool for human to human communication that has ever been constructed is locked down everywhere. They have no right to control what ideas we can hold and who we can express them to.

    Great blog, by the way!


  2. That’s why I laugh at those in Australia who speak so much of the fact that they have freedoms and when you see this, It makes you really wonder what kind of freedoms do they really have.


  3. For many years I have believed that the internet is the great equalizer and liberator. Just like the videotape helped bring down the wall in the soviet union – because they couldn’t keep the videos out of the country and the videos showed the truth about life outside of the soviet union, the internet has brought truth (along with a ration of pure gibberish) to billions across the world.

    A mighty conflict lies on the horizon and it is going to grow greater. On one side, governments like China, Australia and predictably others (how long before the US joins the parade in the name of protecting our safety) are beginning to embrace technology that censors internet content. On the other, companies like Google are beginning to push back against the practice – but notably only after they discovered evidence of the Chinese government hacking into their systems, having supported the Chinese in censoring search results for years.

    We have been fortunate to have an uncensored internet for coming up on two decades. But if we fail to stand up against government censorship of the internet – of any kind – its value as a liberator will be gone before we know it.


  4. This censorship is pushing past the internet as Australian Governments, each being Labor Party Governments(equal to American Democrats/British Labour) seeks to control what people can and can’t see. The Labor Party has become beholden to the Christian Lobby group, a fundamental organisation which is against all forms of nudity and legal consensual sex outside the bedroom of married couples.

    The Federal Labor Government started censorship of the internet while their State Labor counterparts have started to move on controlling the naked form in Art, basically seeking to declare any form of child nudity as pedophilia. Even worse, the New South State Government is seeking to change the Child Protection Act. so that the police can choose to not produce their alleged evidence on the basis that it could upset the members of the Jury. Can you imagine what this will do to the new naked baby photos? And, what ever happened to a ‘fair trial’?

    I have written a blog on this;

    In South Australia, their State Labor Government introduced a law which forbids anything from appearing on the cover of movie/DVD packaging but the title when the movie is rated R18. The industry was not notified of this law until the day the law became effective. Not even the Opposition nor the media made any noise.

    Australia has become a scary place as most Australians shrug their shoulders and simply don’t give a rat’s petunia, as long as they feel that the government is keeping them safe from evil. Shame they have not learned that when the government is left in charge of our lives, it never EVER turns out for the better.

    Admin reply: As has been pointed out, Australia used to be looked at as a beacon of freedem and self-determination to inspire many of us. I’ve been following the battle in the art field at Jennie’s Palette and it’s truly frightening to belold. With Australia leading the charge for religious zealots the rest of us can’t be far behind.


  5. We will fight tooth and nail against this but it is scary. What next from a goverment that wants to ban websites depicting small breasted women (might stir up paedophilic urges, you know?)

    What happened to the Australia I used to know?


  6. Back by unpopular demand.

    Admin: WOO WOO! Thought we’d lost you there! Glad you’re back!


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