Clean Nudists

You’ve seen it; the commercial usually begins with She and He sharing coffee or a cocktail.  Soon, the ‘look’ passes between them and we know that they’re getting that…special…feeling all of a sudden.  While they’re walking off into the woods, or whatever, the announcer is sharing some good news with us, that it’s possible to be ready for fun anytime simply by taking a pill each day!  Wow!  It must get Her into the mood!    Way cool!

Angie and I often discuss another phenomenon that occurs at this time;  the two of them usually end up near water and always, always wind up in bath tubs!  What the hey?  All this buildup just because they suddenly feel the urge to take a bath?  Go swimming?    Huh?  I’m gonna buy a pill for that?

Well, we finally figured it out.  Actually, they’re closet nudists and are shy so they sit in bath tubs, where nudity is normal except that they’re outdoors which is all naturish.  Ta da, instant nudists!

So that’s what the pill is for:  Take daily with wine or coffee and you’ll have an irresistable urge to take off your clothes!  But don’t worry, if the feeling lasts for more than 6 hours you do not need to call a doctor!  Simply, naturally enjoy!

2 Responses

  1. Now I get it. Thankfully, I don’t need a pill to get in the mood to get naked.

    I still don’t understand the romantic appeal of separate bathtubs.


  2. You know, I joke around with my wife all the time when these commercials come on. “Hey baby, how would you like to have a real Hot time, sitting in twin bathtubs, and watching the sun set with me.”


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